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It’s a new world: Beer for our troops in Iraq for the Super Bowl

By William Brand
Friday, January 9th, 2009 at 1:24 pm in what's on tap.

Oddbits…OK, this is flash news…from Yahoo…

  • BAGHDAD – American troops in Iraq will be allowed to drink beer without fear of court-martial for this year’s Super Bowl — an exception to a strict military ban on drinking alcohol in combat zones.
  • In what is sure to be a major morale boost, the top U.S. commander in Iraq Gen. Raymond Odierno issued a waiver Wednesday paving the way for troops to participate in the popular American football tradition.
  • Super Bowl XLIII will kick off on Feb. 1 in Tampa, Florida, but it will be 2 a.m. in Baghdad when the live broadcast starts in Iraq. Troops will gather in dining halls on military bases nationwide to watch the game. READ THE REST OF THE STORY….

Someone on the Beer Advocate bulletin board said, if they only get two beers, it had better be Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. (10 percent). I nominate Bourbon County Stout from Giose Island, one of each.   Someone else said when they were in the Middle East in the Navy, they got two beers once. The choice, Bud, Heineken r Foster’s.

My comment:
Well, there;s a new president coming into office and clearly, things are loosening up. The Great Decider/Teetotaler/Born-Again Brush Clearer is going…going…going….

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  • craig

    my son was a marine and was deployed to iraq 3 times…he saw plenty of action…we sent him gallons of “captian morgans” ..disguised as listurine…him and his buddies were always glad to see the “listurine bottles” arrive…anyways he’s home safe now..and i can hardly wait to hoist a toast… when all “our boys” return home…

  • William Brand

    Let’s make that our prayer for today. Amen.