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Say adios to Tequiza: Anheuser-Busch kills it

By William Brand
Friday, January 9th, 2009 at 10:14 am in what's on tap.


Following in the wake of Coors, Anheuser-Busch – if this notice on the Tequiza Web site is accurate – has pulled the plug on Tequiza. Drink Bud Light Lime instead, ole Bud sez.  Not for me, I fear.  But Bud Light Lime apparently has really taken off.

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  • Kristen

    I have three bottles of Tequiza that have been in my fridge for years… anyone interested in buying?

  • hila

    i want that drink back…..after all these years and i only had it once and i still remember the name of this beer….i need it….

  • Frndsrgldn


    I SERIOUSLY LOVED The stuff!!! I was a BUD drinker before and when I tried that…it was goodbye to everything but…if I could find it! Noone hardly carried it. 😛 I was just tellin my friends on FB and decided to look it up cause I hadn’t seen it in a while…read this! :(


  • Mark Wilkinson

    PLEASE bring Tequiza back!

    Every person that I had try it loved it and does not care for bud light lime!


  • steve


  • Colleen


  • Purcell

    Please bring it back. I’m a DJ, so I do a lot of parties. I would bring a case of Tequiza, to party or event or family function and friends and family would bring they choice of beer. They would all drink my beer, especially women, they love it, it went great with everything. When I first heard they was going to discontinue the beer. I went around to every place I knew that carried it. And I would buy whatever they had left. Bud Lime is okay, but doesn’t have the same taste. To be honest, it taste a little water down. There are a lot more people that love this beer than you think. Just bring it back and market different. Thanks

  • Tad

    I would love to see Tequiza come back! Please give it some thought. My blushing bride and I really love the refreshing taste. Bud Lime just doesn’t do it for us.. Sorry.. We live in North Texas so there is plenty of Shiner Bock to drink but Tequiza was different from all the rest. It was so unique and awesome. THAT is what will make it a success again if you give it a chance..

  • Charles

    Tequiza is my favorite beer. I will not drink another.

  • Noraima

    Like all the others Tequiza was a great beer, one of the better taste in beer that there could be. I’m from PR and everytime we were in US we look for it. It wasn’t sold in PR. and we took as much as we could with us. Too bad it was discontimued. I will love to see it come back for sale.

  • Tony S

    My buddy Travis used to love this beer. He would sit around all day with his daughter in one arm, some skoal in his lip and a Tequiza in his hand yapping about Laser disks, CRX’s and Zatarains recipes. Those were the days.

  • Julie

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE — what must we do to get the attention of the powers that be???? I miss Tequiza — no beer is like it. Will drink the occasional Blue Moon but I just want my Tequiza back! I am forced to drink liquor instead.

  • Jennifer

    I agree I’m a manager at a liquor store I LOVE Tequiza and have had a lot of people ask for it.
    Bud light lime, Miller Chill, Michelob Cactus Lime are not even close to the same as Tequiza.
    Please bring it back.

  • Jerry

    Sadly, as much as all of us loved and enjoyed Tequiza, we know that no corporate suit is ever going to do anything the public asks of them. AB will only push what they think will make them the most money, as that’s the bottom line of any big business. I’ll truly miss the only decent truly good-tasting beer i ever discovered in my life. R.I.P. Tequiza.

  • Ashley D.

    I would greatly love it if y’all brought back Tequiza. I grew up all throughout my teenage years drinking it & I was truly saddened when it was discontinued!! I would buy cases of it if I could!!

  • Brian

    I only now discovered that A-B stopped brewing one of my favorite beers — Tequiza, as I drink a watery tasting Michelob Ultra Lime Cactus. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen Tequiza in any stores in a while. Anyone interested in starting a petition? 😉

  • Jim

    We have been hunting for this for years now to find it discontinued. Bud lite lime is a poor joke. Seriously, with all the other stuff on the market, you couldn’t keep this alive? Bring it back please!

  • Rixahoot

    WHY! WHY! WHY!!! I’d pay twice the price of other beers if you would just bring it back. It’s so dark without it. I’m so cold. I’m so cold. Dear beer jesus, please hear my plea. Mr. Anheuser, Mr. Bucsh: please bring my tequiza back. I promised little billy you would. See, little billy is in the hospital and he’s dying of a rare Mexican fungus that attacks the pituitary gland. So far the only thing that has slowed the progession is – yup, tequiza. Please don’t kill little billy. Just bring back the beer.
    Bless you for your consideration.
    Father Michael buzzmaster

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  • troy

    Woohoo. Tequiza was most popular high school beer ever. C/o 99! Good times.

  • Lmazzitelli

    I am not a beer drinker, but I love me my Tequiza!
    I am so bummed to see that it has been discontinued!
    My husband and I are sitting here as we speak drinking 2 of the last remaining 6 pack of Tequizer we discovered tucked into the back of our garage refrigerator. I was so happy to find it as I had not seen it in the supermarket for a while – which prompted me to search the internet to see if it was still available.
    Not sure how we can get a groundswell going to bring it back, but would definitely like to try to figure out something!

  • Angel

    I LOVED Tequiza too. It was the best beer ever! Let’s don’t give up. Yes, I know it’s hard to change anything with big companies, but hey, it won’t hurt to try. I just went to the site below and gave them my idea that “If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it” and to please bring it back considering people are asking for it.

    Jump on the wagon (or off the wagon) and send A-B your requests to bring it back. I also asked them to go to this site and read all of our comments!
    Just do it!!!

  • Susie S.

    Thanx Angel for the site above to send suggestions! Yes, please let’s ask AB time & time again to bring back Tequiza!! Love it and don’t care for Bud Light Lime…. Tastes like Mountain Dew… 😛
    Hopefully, we will be heard!!

  • Angie Loaiza

    That blows I loved it, was the only beer I ever liked

  • http://Yahoo Jackie T

    I miss my Tequiza. I have been searching to find it for years no one carry’s it,and Bud with Lime is not the same. I really think Busch should bring it back,I have lots of friends also have searched for Tequiza,we all end up disappointed. Please Please bring it back.

    Thank You
    Make me happy, bring Tequiza back….


    I WILL BUY 500 Cases, if they bring it back on a limited basic, i want my tequiza back, bud lime, can not touch “tequiza”!!!!!!!!

  • Andrea & Jack C

    We have and been searching for years now and not a beer comes remotely close to Tequiza. I am soooooo disappointed with AB. I wish someone else would make a beer like Tequiza if AB will not hear it’s consumers pleas.

  • Gloria

    I LOVED Tequiza……do not like Bud with lime! I think ladies loved that did not like other beers, and I know alot of men who liked it. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!
    Feb. 26 2013

  • pascuali

    I also missed tequiza that was the only greatest beer I ever dranked. feel bad you guys discontinued it. first i went back to regular bud. but i went better with corona sorry AB.

  • frank c

    bring it back


  • Jan

    Disappointed to see this isn’t available – thought it was just here locally not available. No substitutes.

  • http://dontknow jeff s

    I so very much miss tequisa and don’t drink any of the lime stuff. Once in a while I drink a bud light but mainly I switched and only drink SHOCK TOP it is great but I would switch back to Tequiza in a second, that was all I drank and gave up on it a few years ago when my beer store (consumers beverage) in buffalo stopped carrying it. PPPPPLEASE BRING IT BACK…..

  • Lisa S.

    Come on guys..Tequiza is bar none the BEST beer ever! I moved from sw florida and I thought that my new location just didn’t carry it. Boy was I wrong!! So disappointed! Nothing compares to Tequiza. Bring it back!

  • Glenn & Cheryl

    Oh, PLEASE bring back Tequiza!!!

  • Dave H

    Bud Light Lime is a VERY POOR substitute for Tequiza. Come on Big Corporate Anheuser-Busch, listen to the little people and make them happy bring it back. Please.

  • rico

    I was in the army for eight years and when I would come back from a deployment that is all I would buy is Tequiza!! I didn’t realize that is was replaced by bud light lime REALLY!! BRING IT BACK!

  • Axle

    What a huge mistake. I loved Tequiza and everyone I knew that tried it, also liked it. I don’t get it. Budwieser complains about the light beer market, but pulls one of their best light beers. I’ll tell you, nothing went down better on a hot day then Tequiza.

  • Louisa Lown

    seems like all my favorite things get discontinued! Miss this stuff, it was so delicious, bud light lime, just isn’t the same, no agave!

  • Connie Oldfield-Galatilis

    Miss my tequiza…bud light lime. work yuk! Landshark is ok…but bring back the tequiza!!!

  • Gaylene Joosten

    Please bring back the tequiza.I never drank beer until that came out now with it gone I hate that beer taste so during the summer on long hot days after working on the yard I love sitting in the back yard and having a cold one I literally put salt on the glass in the glass & use half a lemon or lime.

  • Judy Cottrell

    Just bring Tequiza back and stop fooling around with all these so-called replacements. First time I ever enjoyed a beer, and the last.

  • ArtSpeed

    As of 2015, the successor to Tequiza seems to be Oculto — if my taste is correct, it’s the same stuff with a different name, snazzier label *and higher pricing). Also an AB product.