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Say adios to Tequiza: Anheuser-Busch kills it

By William Brand
Friday, January 9th, 2009 at 10:14 am in what's on tap.


Following in the wake of Coors, Anheuser-Busch – if this notice on the Tequiza Web site is accurate – has pulled the plug on Tequiza. Drink Bud Light Lime instead, ole Bud sez.  Not for me, I fear.  But Bud Light Lime apparently has really taken off.

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  • Garrett G.

    I first enjoyed tequiza when a friend brought a couple cases up from New Mexico to Wyoming. Back then, it was on trial run in a few states. It was the the best thing I ever tasted! Not quite beer, not quite chick drink. Can’t believe it’s gone! What do we gotta do to get them to pull their heads out of their arses and distribute that sweet nectar again?

  • Eric Jean

    been looking all over for tequiza i love it when it starts warming up and it just goes down so smooth please bring it back

  • Michael Z

    Wow, are you freakin serious?
    Bud Light Lime does not come close to comparing to Tequiza! I’m pissed. I say bring it back and that’s an order from a U.S. Marine!

  • Ms. Vicki R.

    I never liked beer, BUT TEQUIZA! From the first taste it was like a first kiss, a kiss that shook and woke up my soul.(after huricane katrina destroyed my way of life here in Baton Rouge I had no choice but to move to Radcliff Ky.(dry county)after 4 years of (H-E-L-L)I was finaly able to come home,where people are normal.I DREAMED OF COMING HOME AND EATING MY GOD MOTHERS GUMBO AND DRINKING AN ICE COLD TEQUIZA,I HAVE SEARCHED EVERY WHERE AND IT’S GONE,DISCOTINUED.B-P HAS SPILLED ALL OVER THE GUMBO FIXINS! NOTHING IS THE WAY IT SHOULD BE,I WANT MY BEER.I NEED MY TEQUIZA.Not only did it taste good but it eased me it calmed me.I am a diabetic,and I have nerve damage in my back,I am so sick of taking medicine,I WANT MY TEQUIZA BACK,.A/B IS NUTS.THEY DID NOT REALIZE WHAT THEY HAD.BRING IT BACK.IF THE IDIOTS DON’T KNOW HOW TO MARKET IT WE THE TEQUIZA DRINKERS WILL BE GLAD TO DO IT!BRING IT BACK !!!!!

  • Scott McDaneld

    All I can say is that you guys have got to be completely NUTS. Bud Light Lime is nothing like Tequiza and never will be a replacement for it. Tequiza is one of the best beers ever made by Anheuser-Bush and you really should bring it back. I don’t drink Bud Light Lime and never will.

  • Mitch S

    OK… For all you whiners. MAKE YOUR OWN TEQUIZA

    Quit whining and accept the fact that AB will not bring Tequiza back. So this means that you go down to Save on Foods (in Canada) or QF (in US) and look for Blue Agave Nectar (light) and add 3 or 4 drops to Bud Light Lime, and poof instant Tequiza.

    Because all Tequiza was, was Bud Light, with lime juice & Blue Agave Nectar, all AB did was drop the Blue Agave Nectar. IF AB had been smarter, they would have JUST changed the name..

  • Larry Rowlette


    I finally find a beer that is not only good to drink but is great as a marinade for chicken. Another strike against AB. They seem to like the run of the mill beer that anyone can make but cringe with fear when they have something good that is out of the ordinary.

    I may have drank my last AB beer. There are too many competitors to be slapped in the face like this.

  • Jesse

    I loved Tequiza! All I’ve done since it disappeared was try different things to recapture the taste. Then just now I find out it was pulled deliberately! Well, I now have a new mission. To boycott all Anheuser-Busch products til they bring it back. I can’t believe I’ve been supporting them unknowingly just because of my fondness for a product they themselves discontinued! Yes, I’m irate.

  • Greg Lott


    Obviously by all this feedback – you screwed up discontinuing Tequiza. That is the only beer that you have ever made that I regularly bought. You should have done more research before making the decision to pull it. A better marketing campaign could have been attempted. Just when you really have something special – you blow it. Bud Light Lime is a sad 6 when Tequiza was a true 10. I tried BLL once – never again.

  • Scott Kuncl

    I’ve been looking for tequiza for the last 10 years. I figured it must have been discontinued long ago. Now i find out it was only a year ago. All i can think of when drinking bud light lime or miller chill is “This sure isn’t as good as Tequiza.”

  • jason

    “Vacation in a bottle.” That’s what I called Tequiza. Unfortunately, the highest selling beer in this country is Bud Light. Drop a little lime in there and bingo – Tequiza disappears. Not a fan of most of Anheuser/Busch products, but I loved Tequiza. Maybe we should start a Facebook page to get production going again…

  • Steve

    I still have 2 cases of Tequiza left. I drink 1 bottle a month.
    My complaint is not that they discontinued it. But, THEY GAVE ZERO WARNING!
    Maybe an insert in a six pack that said.
    Dear Customer. Sorry but as of June 1st, 2009. Tequiza will no longer be available.
    If you would like to order significant quantities of Tequiza to provide you with future supplies. Please contact the Beverage Manager at the store you purchased this at. InBev totally screwed this up…

  • Dan

    BRING IT BACK NOW! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW….this is cruel and unusual punishment!

  • Leanne

    Since A-B doesn’t want to make it anymore, let someone else make it!! I agree….bring it back. I am running low after purchasing 4 cases 2 years ago! UGH!

  • Angie

    Well this is encouranging and discouraging at the same time, I did not know why I had not seen Tequi in a while but completely ignorant of it’s discontinuation… Yes start a Tequiza come back facebook page, we can move mountains when united through facebook …..

  • Jerry K

    BL Lime is like nutrasweet in a diet soda…or fake sugar alternative. It has a bad aftertaste. First swig was alright. 2nd sip felt bland with chemical lime. Then I kept sipping to wash away the bad aftertaste. Gave up…could not finish it and will not try again. Tequiza was superior. I enjoyed topping off each bottle with a half shot of patron mixed in.

  • http://N/A Thor Ingram

    I liked Tequiza best, but I have seen expensive Wheat and Agave beer on the shelf at health food store, never bought it…

  • Tammie Smith

    I miss Tequiza. I do not like Bud Light Lime. It does not have the fullbodied, refreshing taste of Tequiza. Please bring it back. Better marketing would bring better sales. Figure out a way to attach the bud lable and it will sell. Alot of people have never even heard of Tequiza.

  • Bluiewest1

    Bud Light Lime and the other Michelob variant are NOT as good as Tequiza was. I had a bottle of Tequiza last night and it was just as good as I remembered. Who do we badger at A-B to bring it back?

  • Ivonne55


  • Lynda

    The only time I ever broke my diet and enjoyed a “cool one” called Tequiza and now,there is nothing in the beer line left that equals this fabulous icy cold beer on a hot summer day,and it’s gone!! Why did this happen? What can be done to bring it back? I don’t care about the diet,if only I could sit on my patio and drink a cold mug of Tequiza,the best beer I’ve ever had!! Isn’t there even one 6 pack of Tequiza left for me to savor? Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack Nickle

    I have never been a big fan of Anheuser-Busch products, especially Budweiser, but, I did like Tequiza beer. It really did have more of a Tequila-lime flavor and much more distinct than any of the new lime- flavored beers of today. You can throw ALL of the lime beers in one pile, they are all the same, but not Tequiza. It stood alone, atop the rest. Sorry Anheuser, but you blew this one.

  • Cheryl in FL

    I’m just sick of not having my Tequiza!! It’s summer, it’s hot and I want one!! I don’t really like beer, but I really loved Tequiza.

    I did read where someone said to just add some blue agave nectar to a BLL, so I’m on a quest for the nectar now…. but I’d just rather have my Tequiza back.

    Darn you Anheuser-Busch!!!

  • Lou

    Bud Light Lime is quite possibly one of the most disgusting things that I’ve ever tasted.

  • Ron

    My wife and I just split our last bottle and found this site in hopes of locating Tequiza somewhere. Truely a great beer!
    Hopefully someone out there will take a bottle to a local micro-brewry along with info to log into this website…Hint,Hint,wink,wink!
    I have well over 500 Tequiza bottle caps that I had been saving to use in a mosaic or as park to a sculpture…perhaps I should just save them as collectables and sell them for $1.or 2 each?

  • Tequiz fan

    Really enjoyed Tequiza– I have tried bud light lime and the equivalents from Miller, etc. and nothing is the same. Hope some orphaned brand company can secure the rights and re-market it.

  • James

    A-B purposely bought out Tequiza to kill it. Tequiza was a great beer and it sold well in St. Louis, MO (home of A-B and former home of myself). They wanted to introduce their own lime beer so they bought out the market leader for lime beer “TEQUIZA”. It’s a shame that they discontinued a great lime beer to replace it with Bud Light Lime “WHICH SUCKS”!!! From now on, I’ll add lime my own beer. “CORONA”! No thank you to A-B for their lime beer. I wouldn’t pay $2 for a 6 pk of Bud Light Lime. BRING BACK TEQUIZA NOWWWWW!!!!!

  • jbrookston

    Not to throw salt on the wound, James, but A-B didn’t buy Tequiza, they owned from the get go. A-B created it the brand to combat a small, but growing number of tequila flavored-beers that were coming from overseas, from places like Mexico and even France.

  • Javi

    Wow… Tequiza reminds me of drinking with my buddies when I was 18 and fresh out of high school. It was very good, wish I could have some again. Hopefully one day I’ll see it at Bev-Mo.

  • don wiggs

    Budweiser sucks-I want my tequiza and I want it now. I hope you go broke.

  • Freddy Ramirez

    Please!!!!! Return tequiza!!!!! Right nowwwwwwwww

  • Belinda Covington

    I had not drank for a while. When I started drinking
    again I have been looking everywhere for tequiza. I
    am so dissapointed to find out they’re not being made anymore. PLEASE bring them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dawn Balaila

    This is not funny,I stopped consuming any beverage with alcohol because I was taking meds that made me sick if I drank anything, even my precious Tequiza. I told a few people that I had trouble finding it and recently somebody told me that he was positive that he saw it recently in a restaurant…so here I am, 5 years older with a desire to just taste my precious, smooth, sweet but not -too-sweet, Tequiza…5 years without only to find out it’s gone…lime beer is not sufficient..we need that Agave Nectar!!:(

  • charles

    i looked and looked and looked everywhere for it.please bring it back to cali. i swear i will buy it every weekend till the day i die!

  • http://BottomsUP Bill

    I have been looking for my favorite beer for months, with a sick feeling that they had discontinued it. No one knew what I was talking about when I would ask if they had any. I guess misery loves company. It was nice to see so many people suffering along with me. Too bad we can’t be sure AB is seeing this. I will try the Blue Agave Nectar if I can find it. I have a craving for it right now….but especially this summer was missing that special refreshment. This is really sad. Good luck everyone trying to find that same flavor out there!! I’ll let you know what I come up with!

  • Susan

    I agree with Ann Coyle, I miss it too and Bud Light Lime is not as good and probably never will be. I wish it would make a comeback. It used to be in my old grocery store, about 3 six packs at a time. I used to try and buy one each week while shopping, just to keep them from dropping it. I was just looking for Agave Nectar to see if I could buy some and add it to Bud Light Lime and see if it improves the test. We will see.

  • Susan

    You can sign the “Bring Back Tequiza” petition at:

  • kate

    i say dido to all the comments above.ab did not do their homework!for years i am still always looking for the only beer i’ve ever liked.ab obviously forgot the women and they never advertised.bring it back. you’ve got tequiza lovers out here.bring on the petitions.

  • Janet

    Sigh. Tequiza was my most favourite tipple and the lime beers are just not the same. I used to turn cities upside down when travelling in the USA (it was never supplied to the Canadian market) to find Tequiza…never an easy task even when AB had it in full production. No one at AB ever seemed to understand who their Tequiza market was and how to reach them. Sad.Sure wish someone would bring it back and market it properly.

  • Charles Jones

    I’m PISSED. Every time something comes out that is enjoyable and well liked. It’s taken away. My wife don’t drink, be she would sit around w/me and enjoy several TEQUIZA. Anheuser-Busch really drop the ball when it came to marketing the beer. It was really hard to fine but worth the hunt. When I heard it was going to be discontinued, I went on the hunt and found four cases. I was a very happy man but now I’m down to four bottles and I’m PISSED because I know when they’re gone that’s it. ANHEUSER-BUSCH YOU SCREWED UP and NO, I won’t buy B L Lime.

  • Susan

    So I bought the Agave Nectar and added it to a Bud Light Lime, along with more lime and some Tequilla. It is still not the same as Tequiza but at least we tried. Maybe if I try different amounts it may be closer. Anyway, a lot of effort to get a flavor that used to come from one bottle. :( Anyway, don’t forget you can sign the “Bring back Tequiza petition” at:

  • jack


  • Rob

    Encouraging everyone to “like” the facebook page “Bring Back Tequiza.”

  • buzlp

    i was driving 80 miles across state line just to get tequizas after they quit selling it in ok. it was worth it. BLL is good but TEQUIZA was seperate from the others. i wish they would bring it back !

  • Melinda

    We have a whole neighborhood block party…men and women, that love Tequiza but not all the other lime beers…the are just not the same at all. Marketing is the issue here, because whenever we could actually find it, we bought it all. Someone must have killed it intentionally to make someone else look bad. I know way too many people that loved it.

  • pamela

    i miss this beer so much i drank it and it only bud light lime isnt the same and neither is any other lime flavord beer, i just want my beer back…

  • jc

    Tequiza is the best beer anheuser acquired and their lime beer, which is anheuser version, is not even close.
    Like everything else, the good stuff is removed from the market place and the average or below average is kept on the shelves.
    Instead, more Margarita’s will be sold too bad Busch is not interested in making bigger profits. I do not buy Busch’s lime beer rather buy a foreign beer.

  • broken hearted

    I loved Tequiza soooo much!! I’m am actually beside myself that it has been discontinued. I introduced it to a lot of people and they always liked it. Judging by all the posts on this page it was a well liked beer. And I’m sure this just represents a fraction of Tequiza fans. I can’t believe that they would just leave all of us in the lurch. Bud Light Lime sucked sooo bad! I bought a 6 pack, drank 1 and could hardly choke it down, i gave the rest away. I can only hope that AB will recognize that the market was much bigger than they realized and bring it back, bring it BACK, BRING IT BACK!!!!


    now i live in ensenada mexico but i was living in santa rosa california in 2004 wen i was there i liked to much TEQUIZA and the last 2 years i was looking for this beer but i didn’t know thas was discontinued, i hope one day can this beer come back in to the markets so i can have that taste in my mouth again.

  • Tom Wendel

    I want my Tequiza…..I loved that beer and hardly anyone I know here in IL have ever heard of it. It was awesome and it needs to come back in production!