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Oddbits: Flying Dog, Rogue in Brussels, Update on Moylan’s Hopgarten, Don’t miss Deschutes The Dissident

Oddbits…It’s always interesting to see how Europeans view American craft beer. Our reputation, deservedly, has been rising.  So it’s no surprise that the increasingly famous Delirium Cafe in Brussels in its monthly newsletter is touting the American beers it has on tap: beers from Flying Dog and Rogue.

delerium-cafe-screen-grab-us-beersBeers on tap:  Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel, K9 Cruiser Winter Ale, Snake Dog and Tire Bite Golden Ale. From Rogue, American Amber Ale, Morimoto Black Obi, Chocolate Stout, Dead Guy Stout, Juniper Pale Ale and Mocha Porter. From now on Delirium will have five taps serving American beers.

Hopgarten, the first-ever pilsner from Moylan’s is going to on tap at the pub in Novato, at The Linkery in San Diego and the Blue Palms Brewhouse in Hollywood. Head brewer Denise Jones is setting aside several kegs of the 4.5 percent pils to serve at Moylan’s and at Noonan’s at Larkspur Landing during SF Beer week.

And furthermore….lots and lots and lots of new events being planned during SF Beer Week. Check it out if you have time. I’m going to do a post in a while…

Beer tastings: Finally cracked one of my  bottles of The Dissident, the barel-aged, blended, sour ale from Deschutes: FOUR STARS This beer is stunning, perhaps not so sour as last year’s, but damned interesting. 11 percent ABV, but the alcohol is hidden, can’t taste it, but it hits you in a few minutes. Don’t drink this and drive.

Also sampled Dogfish Head Chicory Stout, the new seasonal, which I understand is making its way to the Bay Area soon.  It’s an intensely dark brown, with a big head and a velvety sweet taste with a lasting tang of roast malt, a slight bitterness from the chicory. I give it THREE STARS. 5.2 percent ABV.

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  • craig

    regarding “sf beer week”..the celebrator…sure are snoozing on their party..i really enjoy this event…but it is a month away…and the place & price are still…”tbd”…i hope lack of planning doesn’t lead to an over priced..dud…

  • William Brand

    Tom Dalldorf, Celebrator Publisher, says the location will be the Oakland Convention Center. There won’t be food, but there are going to be many, many beers from maybe 60 brewers.

  • Scott

    Has The Dissident been brewed more than once??

  • William Brand

    I believe this is the second time. They made a batch early last year, the first ever using wild yeast. It’s gonna’ be really ahrd to find. If you see it, don’t blink, just buy it.

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