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Sam Adams releasing trio of “imperial” beers, Longshot coming in April

By William Brand
Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 at 4:55 pm in what's on tap.

sam-adams-imperial-series-logoThere’s some beer news from Sam Adams (Boston Beer Co.) In the next couple of weeks they’re coming out with a trio of “imperial” beers:  Sam Adams Imperial Stout, Sam Adams Double Bock and Sam Adams Imperial White. Don’t have the specs on the imperial trio yet, ABV, IBUs, just the “sell sheet” sent out to distributors.  But they’re going to released in rotation year-round.

Sam’s also coming out with a Blackberry Witbier.  It was the winner of the fourth annual Sam Adams Beer Lover’s Choice — 50,000 votes cast.  (The company notes that among craft beer sales nationwide — all breweries — the fruit beer category was up 15 percent last year and  witbier sales jumped 33 percent. Taking a bit of hide off BudMillerCoorsHeinekenStella and their light companeros.)

Also, Sam Adams will release the winning beers the national  Longshot homebrew contest in April, the company says. Those are worth marking your calendar and rushing to the store.  Two of the three were made with formulas from East Bay homebrewers. Read about them here.

  • One is a Double India Pale Ale, based on the recipe for Russian River’s Pliny the Elder. The winning homebrewer is Mike McDole, of Clayton, CA, a member of  DOZE – Diablo Order of Zymiracle Enthusiasts.
  • The second is  Traditional Bock,  conceived by Alex Drobshoff of Livermore (CA).  His winning beer was chosen from over 1,200 contestants from all over the United  States.
  • The third beer in the Longshot porfolio will be Cranberry Wheat, brewed by Boston Beer Employee Karissa Swigart, of Boston.

And finally, if you happen to be at a beer fest somewhere in the East and Sam Adams is pouring, look for Boston Beer’s Finnish Sahti. Boston Beer’s Michelle Sullivan explains:

  • We have brewed a Finnish Sahti at our Boston Brewery that has been served at our tour center here in Boston and some beer festivals.  It is brewed with juniper berries and was brewed using the same traditional method from Finland.  That includes leaving the mash sitting overnight and placing juniper boughs in the bottom of the lauter tun.  They are used as a filter aid and as a flavoring in the mash.  Sahti’s are one of the oldest styles in the world.  Several breweries in Finland still brew and sell them.

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  • Gary

    It’s great to see companies like Boston Beer Co. and Sierra Neveda bringing out new beers.

    William, do you atribute this to the success that the smaller craft breweries have had when introducing new beers to the market?


  • William Brand

    Absolutely. They’re aware of the creativity and inventiveness in the craft beer world; they want to stay current. Also imperial and double this and that is where the action is; they’re the kind of beers that interest beer drinkers.

  • Dianne Babcock

    What restaurants can I find Imperial White?