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A great idea from Philly Beer Week: A daily mass transit pass

By William Brand
Friday, January 23rd, 2009 at 5:17 pm in what's on tap.

Here’s an idea from Philly Beer Week., Their regional transit system, rail and bus, I guess, are offering a $9 day pass for people going pub to pub during their beer week, March 6 -15.

Gee, wonder if BART and MUNI would do that?

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  • craig

    they know how to do things in the city of brotherly love..they are not money many 100$ events do they have…we may copy their name (sfbeerweek)…but we will never copy their spirit!…

  • Chris

    Muni’s got an $11 day pass

    but you’d have to ride Muni EIGHT times in a day to make it worthwhile (normal trip is $1.50). Better to just pay normal fare and keep your transfer.

  • William Brand

    It’s early days for Philly Beer Week and I only found one dinner with a price and that was $50. The $100 dinner, by the way, is a benefit for the San Francisco Food Project. I’m sure there will be some beer dinners in Philadelphia over $50.

    Most of the efvents posted so far aren’t dinners, they’re “meet the brewer” and “new beer” launches. SF Beer Week will have many of those as well.

  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    We have a pass like that already. BART Plus. You still pay for your BART rides, but all local bus systems are free.

  • Ashton

    Muni has passports, $11/day $18/3 days.
    Certainly covers the cost of one Cable Car excursion!

    TransLink is supposed to be good on Muni/Bart/CalTrain some year, but, that’s hardly a tourist option.

    Remember to buy your Bart tix roundtrip. A cranky ticket machine can be quite a test after a few pints!

  • William Brand

    Don’t think it works everywhere yet, Mario.

  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    I’m not sure about 100% coverage, but it does cover a big majority of the bay.

  • BahHumBrew

    The Philly day pass is pretty amazing. The Full Pint just published some details of the program. It might be harder for SF Bay area because of all the various agencies that provide transit around the bay and the broad area covered by Beer Week events. However, the should at least provide a better transit guide for visitors; just listing the various agencies doesn’t cut it. Maybe they could work with to include the venues in some sort of Beer Week drop down or at least provide a bay area map showing the relative locations.

  • William Brand

    We have something that Philly doesn’t have: Beerbybart.
    It’s the work of Gail Williams and Steve Shapiro who are really into beer and really into mass transit. Check it out.
    There are two ways to use it. On the left there’s a list of BART stations followed by pubs/brewpubs within reach. On the right hand column, there’s a list of good beer places…
    Choose a pub or brewpub that you want to go to and Beerbybart gives you the mass transit and walking directions. Contributions via comments are welcome. That’s