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That was the week that was in beer videos

By William Brand
Friday, January 23rd, 2009 at 10:36 pm in what's on tap.

Fishing through You Tube again. Found these commercials. The first one advertises Hamms, a very forgetable, bland beer from St. Paul, MN. But oh my, how many times on assignment did I sit in a boring bar somewhere in nowhere America watching the rotating bear in the Hamms beer display.

Here’s what Wikipedia says about Hamms fate:

In 1968 the company was acquired by the Heublein Brewing Company, which sold it to Olympia Brewing Company. In 1980 Olympia merged with Pabst, which was acquired by Stroh’s in 1984 and it by Miller Brewing in 1999, and that in turn by South African Breweries later that year. The future of the brand is uncertain.

Also, who says craft brewers can’t compete with the big brewers on TV in the area of bad taste. Check out this one from Troeg’s…

This one from Brahma in Brazil’s tolerable, kinda’ creative.

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  • Jeff

    OMG! a Hamms. I thought no one remembered. Then I saw it. Thanks William.

  • craig

    better than any “sam adams”…commercial

  • Canadian Tourism

    Canadian Tourism has put together a fun promo video showcasing the making of beer with water sourced from icebergs, brewed at the Quidi Vidi Brewery in St. John’s, Newfoundland: