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SF Beer Week: Original Albion Draft Ale debuts at the Bistro Double IPA Fest

By William Brand
Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 at 3:39 pm in what's on tap.

There’s a piece of history being made during SF Beer Week: It’s Napa Smith’s Original Albion Draft Ale. It’s a recipe salvaged from New Albion Brewing, circa 1976 and it;s gonna be tapped Saturday,Feb. 7 at the Bistro’s Double IPA fest.  Here are the details:

Napa Smith’s Original Albion Draft Ale!! This is pretty historic stuff. Once a brewer at the nation’s first microbrewery, the former New Albion Brewing Company of Sonoma, CA circa 1976, Don Barkley has taken an old recipe for their flagship ale, possibly out of an old shoebox, and crafted this new version especially for SF Beer Week, over at the Napa Smith Brewery. This exciting new beer will be the first time that recipe has been used in years, and there are not too many folks around who have ever even had the original version, as it mostly exists now as a benchmark in the lore of craft beer history. Needless to say, we’re excited! This will be the official ale of SF Beer Week, and will be unveiled at our public kickoff event: The Bistro’s Double IPA Festival, on Feb 7th. There will only be one single batch of this beer made, and we will feature it at multiple locations during the week, saving the last drops for the Celebrator’s Best of the West Beer Fest on Feb 15th, our grand finale.

Well, I remember the beer. Came back from Mexico for a visit, stumbled into my favorite pub in Berkeley and there it was: Ohmygawd. You could chew that beer. I never looked at beer the same way again. See ya’ at the Bistro!  And right now, hie thee to SF Beer and check out the incredible array of events.

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  • craig

    i’ve had “napa smiths” at several beerfests in sacto(&reno)..they are brewing great beers and i’m sure they will do a good job…i have not seen their beer in the bay area ..yet.

  • William Brand

    Just tried the Napa Smith Amber tonight. Excellent. I’m no fan of ambers, usually they’re a bit too sweet and kind of boring, although far better than light lager. But this one had some serious malt complexity and a nice dash of hop bitterness in the finish.

  • craig

    their ipa is better…they are making really good beers..i’m surprised i haven’t seen’em at pete’s..the hopyard…dubliner..or barkleys..i want to visit their place…just haven’t had the time…

  • William Brand

    Whole Foods carries the whole line.

  • Persspize – cooooolest domain name)))