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Draft magazine’s top 25: A few opinions…

By William Brand
Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 at 10:06 am in what's on tap.

That DRAFT magazine top 25 beers of  2008 list that I posted has rteally gotten around. It got mentioned and discussed on Beer Advocate.  A bunch of people have posted comments.  The author even e-mailed me, after I posted a comment about Apricot Ale, noting the description failed to mention minor points like it was an abbey-style tripel and the beer was fermented on ripe fruit for four months:

  • I just wanted to clarify something from your comments area, even though I’m guessing it was make in jest – I didn’t call the beer an Apricot Ale, the beer’s name is Apricot Ale and is printed in big letters on the bottle. As for going back to beer school – man, I’d love to! 😀

It’s true, it was in jest. Sorry about that.

But the best comment came in an e-mail from Mark H, who lives in Southern California, to a friend in Walnut Creek. I find his opinions excellent. What do you think:

Isabelle Proximus
smells like foot but tastes delicious; only for the sour beer lover; I have a case in my basement

Bruery Orchard White

fantastic Belgian Wit; one of the best Wits I have ever had

Dark Lord
UH-mazing imperial stout and damn near impossible to get here; only had one bottle about 4 months ago and on tap at the Strong Ale in December in Carlsbad

Ol Dubh 16
Totally disagree here, just an okay beer.  They also make a 12 and 30.  The 12 and 30 are very good but the 16 is just okay.  The 30 should be a lot better than the 12 for the price difference.

Very good beer but their other limited release that cam out at the same time Dissident was fantastic.

Firestone XII
Have not had yet.  I was only able to procure one bottle.  This is what I was askign the bartender for when we were at the Brewery with you.  In the next couple weeks A friend  and I are going to have a vertical tasting of the X, XI, and XII.  I will keep you posted.

Angels Share
We had a bottle of this up in Solvang.  Top 3 of all-time.

Westmalle Trippel

A standard.  This is where the first Trippel recipe came from.  It is drier than most Abbey style ales because it is an authentic Trappist ale.

Pliny the Elder


Palo Santo Marron

This beer just keeps getting better with age.  I first had a bottle of this about a year ago.  Very rich and delicious malt body.

The style is Old Ale.  Not a very common style.  Very rich beer again.  I think you will like this beer.  Has nice balance.


Had a bottle from 2006 last night.  Very enjoyable beer with subtle spicing.

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