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Headed to Southern California? Check out the Beer Guppy’s Guide

By William Brand
Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 at 10:25 am in what's on tap.


While we’re focused on Southern California, I’d like to plug a most excellent guide to good pubs, and good beer in Southern California. It’s the Beer Guppy’s Guide to Southern California, by Jay Sheveck.  I find his advice invaluable, when I’m trying to penetrate the sprawling vastness of the LA Basin in search of a decent beer.  You can find it in most good beer stores or buy it here. $9.95, plus shipping. It was published in 2007 and Jay plans an update. But it remains an exccllent guide.

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  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    I have a big problem with this beer guppy. Monterey is NOT Southern California. Let me repeat that. Monterey is NOT SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA!

    I’m native to Seaside, so I’m passionate about this subject.

  • BahHumBrew

    Have to agree about Monterey but it appears that Beer Guppy does distinguish between Southern CA, Central CA, Southern NV and Southern Border (looks like San Diego and points east).
    I’ve pretty much sent all my printed area guides and maps to the recycler. Unless a guide book provides something (CD or whatever) that can be used with a GPS or computer based map I know I won’t use it.
    I used reviews and GPS downloads for my recent SoCal trip and plan to do the same this weekend. In addition to the regional brewery map there are city maps for LA and San Diego metro areas.

  • William Brand

    I agree with you. We used GPS on a recent road trip to Stone. But the trouble with GPS is it doesn’t discriminate Sure, you can use it to find a pub. But what’s special about it, what’s the history? etc. Print i s handy for things like that.