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It’s a new day: Obama hosts cocktail party

By William Brand
Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 at 5:15 pm in what's on tap.


Hot photo in today’s New York Post is this shot of President Obama hoisting a glass of beer.  Story line from The Associated Press: Obama to Host Cocktail Party for Lawmakers.

  • WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has invited Republican and Democratic lawmakers for drinks at the White House as they consider his economic recovery bill that still faces opposition…

Hot damn. The teetotaler president is done gone to Texas to clear brush.
Man is this ever refreshing, It’s been a long, long time….Love the comment by beer blogger Lew Bryson too…

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  • Tom Meyer

    I guess I need to take a break from this blog. I’m tired of the political crap. I was sick of Bush but he is gone now. Now I’m getting sick of Obama.I come here read about beer not what the president drinks or doesen’t drink. See ya later guys and gals

  • Chris

    I’m not sure this was a political statement rather a affirmation of one of things that makes this country great…

  • Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    I hope he has Obamagang on tap, with the original label, of course. If you were president, wouldn’t yu want to drink beer with your face on the label?

    Tom, ease up. It’s not like the cocktail party was part of the stimulus package.

  • Thomas

    I can understand Tom’s opinion it’s not like we will suddenly see some government ruling that will outlaw light lager and only allow craft beer on tap. Haven’t seen anything that will impact craft beer, except all the state legislatures increase the tax rates on beer nor will we likely ever.


  • easong

    I want to know what Obama drinks. I hope it’s his all-American locally made craft-brew. All the better if it’s union made.

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  • Brian

    Tom Meyer– if you don’t want to read about Obama on here, just scroll down to the other 99% of the posts– they’re about beer. No reason to not come back?!

  • William Brand

    Yeah Tom. You have a point. I’m basically interested in good beer too.

  • William Brand

    I’m going to call the White House Press Office on Monday. Will let you know