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Some special DIPAs on tap Saturday at the Bistro’s Double IPA fest

By William Brand
Friday, February 6th, 2009 at 10:26 am in Uncategorized.

bistro-11th-annual-ipa-fest-glass-hebrew-lagerJust talked to Vic Kralj at the Bistro — he was busy getting ready for the big 7th annual Bistro Double IPA fest, which gets underway tomorrow (Saturday, Feb. 7) at 11 a.m. at the Bistro, 1001 B. St.  Vic says there will be 48 or 49 Double IPAs. New Albion Ale will be on tap as well.

Vic says the festival which officially kicks off SF Beer Week is getting huge; he’s expecting 1,500 people. I’m guessing close to twice that. The entries will be judged in blind tawtings; awards will be announced at 5 p.m.

The basics: Tickets: No reservations — $25 at the door buys a commemorative glass and five, 4-ounce pours. Extra pours $1.50. There will be live music all day and barbeque. They’re setting up an outside stage on Main Street. The street will be closed for the fest.

Getting there: Best way is to take BART to the Hayward Station, then walk three blocks straight east on B Street. Bistro’s on the corner of Main and B.

Here’s a lineup of  some of what’s going to be on tap:

  • Several entries from the Pizza Port breweries, Ballast Point, Alpine, a DIPA from Ithaca Brewing, Ithaca, NY, 120 minute IPA from Dogfish.
  • Sierra Nevada has sent a firkin of a special DIPA; Vic says it’s “absolutely gorgeous.”  Also DIPAs from Auburn Brewing, Rubicon (Sacramento), 50-50 Brewing, Truckee; John Maier of Rogue, Newport, OR has sent a special XS IPA. And, of course, Pliny the Younger from Russian River.

And that’s just part of the list. See you there!

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  • craig

    humm…25$…48 beers…5(4oz pours)….thats strange math…

  • William Brand

    Actually, Vic says they are closer to five ounce pours and 25 oz. of 10 percent plus, 100 ibu plus beer is a lot. And for $1,.50 an additional pour, its a very good deal.

  • easong

    It does seem a high price if you’ve never been before, but the Bistro Double IPA Festival is the hop lovers’ dream come true. The most interesting beer event in the Bay Area each year. The Hophead Haj, if you will.

  • Morgan

    Yes, seems like a high price since the Celebrator festival is only $10 more for unlimited. As with GABF, sometimes all you want is 1 or 2 oz to get the gist of a beer.

    But, economics aside, we’re coming up from San Jose for it. Very excited about SF Beer Week around these parts! Thanks for all the great info William, hope to see you there.

  • William brand

    Headed there now –cannot wait. The great thing is the vast variety. can’t be duplicated, even at the GABF