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Tasting New Albion Ale: FOUR STARS

By William Brand
Friday, February 6th, 2009 at 1:29 pm in Uncategorized.


Don Barkley at the Toronado Friday noon.


Don Barkley's recreation of New Albion Ale, first brewed in 1977. Wow!

AT MAGNOLIA PUB AT 1:30 P.M…It’s the second stop on the New Albion Ale/SF Beer Week Friday afternoon pub crawl…with several pubs to go before ending up at 21st Amendment about 5 p.m, after stops at Magnolia Pub, Monk’s Kettle and City Beer.  See this post for the sked.

About the beer — New Albion Ale, that is — Dynamite. Tried it at the Toronado. What a great beer for a nooner. Let’s see: clean light copper color, hops on the nose, big time. Taste is very clean and malty with an unusual and quite tasty herbal, earthy background, from the malts and the hops. Deliciously hoppy finishish that leaves a tang on the tongue. I give it FOUR STARS.

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  • Scott B.

    And it only cost $2 at Toronado!

  • michael

    Any idea when some of the East Bay locales start offering it?

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