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Bistro duipa results

By William Brand
Saturday, February 7th, 2009 at 5:52 pm in Uncategorized.

Pizza Port wins DIPA Fest; Triple Rock se cond, Bear Republic third and
Pliny the Elder wins Peoples Choice

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  • easong

    Which of the three Pizza Port entries won? Which of the two Bear Republics?
    I loved the Port Solano the best.

    I must concur on the Triple Rock IPAX — very nice.

    Another fave of mine was the Auburn entry.

    As for People’s Choice going to Pliny the Elder, sure. Of course. But I’m guessing there were others like me who voted for the relative newcomers.

  • craig

    it always baffle’s me that… the judges always manage to pick different winner than the people choice..?

  • William Brand

    Not always. But blind tastings can humble the most expert among us. They were out of the winner when I got there, but I loved the Triple Rock and Bear Republic.

  • William Brand

    I’ve been at another Beer Week event and didn’t want to attempt posting anything with my cel phone — even if it is an iphone, which I just broke down and bought,

    The winner was: Pizza Port/Carlsbad. The beer was Poormans IPA — Brewer Jeff Bagby. ABV: 9 pecent. Figure the IBUs in the 90s. I didn’t get to try it; Got there about 3 and it was gone. Everyone who did try it loved it.

    I too really liked the Pizza Port Lou P Lin.
    Silver winner was Triple Rock Imaxx Imperial IPA, Rodger Davis, 9 percent. 80 IBUs.
    Bronze winner was Bear Republic APEX. Brewrers Ricardo and Peter, 7.5 percent, 83 IBUs.

    Both were absolutely excellent, in my opinion.