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SF Beer Week: The beat goes on…

By William Brand
Sunday, February 8th, 2009 at 12:41 pm in what's on tap.

SF Beer Week is roaring into high gear and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do this afternoon before I check in at the Sour Sunday fest at Triple Rock. Plan to hit there about 4 p.m. (It starts at 1 p.m. and I advise going early, if you can — I can’t.

Then it’s on to the 21st Amendment for a beer dinner prepared by homebrew chef Sean Paxton and featuring Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head as honored guest.

About Sour Sunday, the list I posted last night includes both the sour beers that will be on tap today at both Triple Rock and Jupiter and the barrel-aged beers that will be on tap at both pubs on Tuesday.  The glass can be used at both pubs and each has the same selection today.  For the updated Sour Sunday list, check comments below.

Anchor’s Fritz Maytag with a magnum bottle of Our Barrel Ale
Anchor's Fritz Maytag with a magnum bottle of Our Barrel Ale

OK, catching up.  Here’s a photo of Anchor proprietor Fritz Maytag holding a bottle of Anchor’s Our Barrel Ale, thanks to Beer & Nosh. In comments at the Friday night unveiling of the new beer, Fritz said he long was strongly opposed to barrel-aging beer. He recalled touring pubs in England when he firsts got his feet wet, buying Anchor in the mid-1960s. Lots of beer came ot of barrels and it was often sour, he said.

I’m told that at the time Fritz bought Anchor, the beer’s qualty was spotty. He set out to change that and he did.

However,. he told the crowd of brewers  Friday night, his nephew, John Dannerbeck and head brewer Mark Carpenter finally convinced him to give barrel-aging a try.  He said he realized that the oak barrels used to age Anchor’s Old Potrero Straight Rye Whiskey were free of bacteria. The high alcohol of the distilled rye whisky made that certain.

As I said, the beer’s  a blend of many of the Anchor beers, but not Anchor Steam. They’ll go on sale in 50.7 ounce magnum bottles, $30. They’ll only be sold at the brewery, starting sometime in mid-February.

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  • Jesse

    What’s your travel plan to get from Triple Rock to 21A? – that’s my itinerary for the afternoon as well :-)

  • fraggle

    get there early indeed.
    got there at 1:15 and there was already a nice line.
    i’d still be there if i didn’t have to work!

  • William brand

    I agree. It’s a great Fest and the selection of dipas can’t be matched

  • AC

    Keep us updated when the Our Barrel Ale is available, I’m minutes away from Potrero Hill.