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Praying for Bill Brand

By Jessica Yadegaran
Monday, February 9th, 2009 at 11:40 am in Corkheads.

It’s a glum day in the Contra Costa Times office as we all keep Bill in our thoughts and prayers. I know he’s going to be OK. And I’m sure he can feel the energy and outpouring of love and support from everyone on his blog.

Whatever you’re drinking today, raise your glass to help Bill pull through this terrible accident.

Tonight, I’ll be drinking a Chimay with my schnitzel in his honor.

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  • AC

    Prayers and thought are with you Bill. Cheers

  • Mike McDole

    Bill, we’re all thinking about you. Get well.

  • James

    Bill, best Thoughts and prayers for you and your loved ones. Cheers to your recovery.

  • Thomas Cizauskas

    We’ll be drinking a beer FOR you tonight, Bill. All of us would rather be drinking WITH you. Recover soon.

  • Harpreet

    best of the wishes to bill hope you get well soon cheers

  • danny

    oh man. I hope you get better Bill!

  • http:/// Mario (Brewed For Thought)

    Jay Brooks has started a 7:00 pm toast to Bill, wherever you may be. Whether it’s beer or wine, Bill can use all the support we can give.

  • Samuel Evans

    Bill, we’re praying for you. Get well buddy!!

  • Steve Shapiro

    Bill, You have so many people pulling for you, who love you and care about you, that you can’t help but recover quickly.

  • Stuart Forman

    Hang in there Bill. Call me when you get out.

  • Tom Montgomery

    Bill we are all pulling for you for a speedy recovery I was astonished to find what had happened we are with you in heart and spirit Bill …hang in there!
    – tom montgomery / berkeley ca

  • Aaron

    Best wishes to a speedy and full recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  • Gregg Wiggins

    This is a glum day in other newsrooms as well and we also have Bill Brand in our thoughts. I was in the Bay Area last week and, like Bill, was at Anchor Brewing for the kickoff of SF Beer Week Friday night. We were going to raise another couple of glasses at the Trappist in Oakland after the event but he was nice enough to offer me a raincheck because my still jet-lagged body wasn’t up to it. Which means Bill darn well better be up to letting me buy the next time I’m in his area, he’s in D.C. or we’re both covering the same festival.
    — Gregg Wiggins, Mid-Atlantic Brewing News

  • Carolyn Jung

    I was stunned to hear the news. If life is fair at all, I’m hoping Bill will pull through and be good as new. After all, there are too many great beers out there left to taste. And Bill’s the only one I trust to guide our way.

  • Chipper Dave Butler

    Bill, all my best hopes and prayers for you. May you recover and heal fully. We’re all pulling for you. Keep the faith for a speedy recovery.
    – “Chipper” Dave Butler / Greeley, CO

  • Brent Ainsworth

    The BANG beer geeks at the Marin IJ wish Bill well and will hoist many in his honor. I left the Double IPA Fest saying to myself, “Dang, I never saw Bill. I wanted to whine to him about our one-week furlough.”

  • Paul Anderson

    All the best to you Mr. Brand…We need you.

  • Rich Walt

    Best wishes.
    One of the best writers in the bay area.
    Column is a weekly uplift.

  • Amy

    I wish Mr. Brand a speedy and full recovery. Here’s to him.

  • Janet Winter

    Bill, Michael and I talked with you for awhile at the beer dinner on Monday night. We will raise a toast to you today and every day until you are on your feet again. All the best to you and your family.

  • Andrew Alden

    Jessica, why not post an open beer thread every day and we’ll carry on the blog ourselves? In the middle of SF Beer Week, it would be a service to have a little watering hole to swap notes.

    Continuing to think of Bill.

  • Jessica Yadegaran

    That’s a great idea. I’ll do it. The first event starts on Friday, right?

  • George Kelly

    That open thread starts here.

  • Alan Moen

    Bill has been our senior Bay Area writer at Northwest Brewing News for many years, and we’re all shocked and saddened by what has happened to him. I’ll never forget hanging out and beer hunting with him in San Francisco. Get well, Bill. We all miss you and hope for your complete recovery.

    Ale the Best,

    Alan Moen
    Northwest Brewing News

  • Brian Cooper

    We had a toast to Bill Brand’s health, and to his speedy and full recovery — last night, at a meeting of Bay Area homebrew clubs’ leadership.

    It was held at the Trappist in Oakland, and coordinated by Erik Beer of DOZE. Attending were about a dozen or so individuals tied to various clubs in our area – DOZE, Mad Zymurgists, Bay Area Mashers, Draught Board, Silicon Valley Sudzers, HAZE, and the Brewing Network.

    We were all heartened to hear of that his condition was no longer listed as Critical, but we know it is still no easy path… The homebrewing community is pulling for you, Bill!

    Take care,

  • Deb Anderson

    My husband and Bill eamail regularly and he received his last email from Bill at 7 on Sunday night. When he told me later what had happened I thought it was a joke. I have never met Bill personally but feel as if I know him. My prayers are with him and his family. Please keep everyone posted when new updates on his condition are available.

  • Thom Headley

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, Bill.Though we’ve never actually met in person, I feel that I know you inasmuch that I’m such an avid fan of your column. I too wound up in SF General after a bad accident back in Aug.of 2004. All the doctors and nurses and therapists were absolutely tremendous in all their efforts getting me back to my familiar lifestyle. Just keep a positive mental outlook and I’m confident it will happen for you too. Remember that there’s a lot of us out here pulling for you anticipating the time when we can celebrate your full recovery. Hang in there. We’re behind you all the way!

  • Jim Koch

    Bill – Your friends at Samuel Adams are thinking of you and your family, and wishing you a quick recovery. Cheers