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An excerpt from Bill Brand’s book proposal

By Jessica Yadegaran
Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 at 4:06 pm in Corkheads, what's on tap.

Hey, folks. I got a call yesterday from a Philadelphia literary agent named Jenni Hatton. She was working with the late Bill Brand, our beer blogger who died on Feb. 20 after being hit by a MUNI train on Feb. 8, on a coffee table book about his love for California beers.

They’d only met a month ago, but as was his tendency, Bill’s passion for California breweries and brewmasters hooked Jenni right away. She and her company were prepared to represent Bill in the publishing world.

I’d like to share an excerpt of the loose proposal Bill sent to Jenni via e-mail on January 15. Here it is:

What I want to do is write about the beer, to infuse my prose with the passion I feel for great beer. One page for each beer. A great photo of the beer, and perhaps a small photo of the brewer or brewery, a description of the way the beer tastes and a very brief explanation of how it was conceived, whether it can be put away for months or years.

I’m thinking about something on the order of “100 Belgian Beers to Try Before You Die” or  “Around London in 80 Beers.”  Both are English.  The format would be easily doable as a trade coffee table book or a portable paperback.

California is vast. But it’s easily broken into sections, Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, Central Coast, greater Los Angeles, San Diego County.  However, I’m not sure that’s the way to go. Organizing in the traditional way  compels one to have at least a rough idea of this state’s geography. In beer it’s not too important.

It might be simpler to list beers alphabetically — Alesmith Speedway Stout to Santa  Cruz Mountain Brewing Dread Brown. That makes reading the book an adventure, each time the reader turns the page, there’s something new to discover.”

Thanks again to Jenni Hatton for sending this our way.

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  • Todd

    Thanks for posting that.

  • Shaun O’Sullivan

    Would of been a great read. Thanks for posting.

  • bob ronson

    . . . and what will come of Bill’s Blog? What is the destiny of this much loved page? Surely Bill would want it to continue on in the same spirit and devotion. His thousands of readers will miss him ever so much and I am not suggesting someone could truly replace him – but it would be an even greater tragedy if we as a community just let this blog just fade away. The truest tribute to Bill would be to carry on in his dedicated and passionate spirit. But who?

  • Jim Smith

    “But who?” Jay Freakin’ Brooks, that’s who.