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Rose Nose Wins By A Nose

By Jay Brooks
Monday, April 27th, 2009 at 10:42 am in On Beer.

As I indicated last week with the reboot of On Beer, my goal is to make this blog a true community effort. In that spirit, I present our first guest blogger, Gail Ann Williams who, along with Steve Shapiro, runs Beer by Bart, one of the most useful beer blogs covering the Bay Area.

Rose Nose Wins By A Nose

by Gail Ann Williams

The non-brewing staff at Triple Rock in Berkeley got an unusual challenge recently. Tasked to create a superior original recipe in a professional sized seven barrel proportion, then name the beer and design a bottle label and tap handle, members of the staff competed to create an exceptional brew. Test batches were made up and staff and regulars voted, casting over 500 votes in the short time before the samples ran dry. The winner, edging out another fine brew by a single vote, was a wit beer created by server and aspiring brewer Emma Rose Meade. 

Her prize will be to pour her own beer, “Rose Nose,” along with other fine Triple Rock beers, at the legendary Boonville Beer Festival Saturday May 2nd. Her beer is a Belgian Wit, a light wheat beer style often brewed with bitter orange peel and coriander. Emma’s recipe includes sweet blood orange peel, bitter curacao orange peel, rosehips and coriander. Rosehips are the dried bottom of actual roses and are a traditional herb for making a citrusy tea. She got to participate in the creation of her commercial brew with Triple Rock’s brewmaster Rodger Davis, and will be the first to tap a keg of it using the tap handle she designed on the weekend.

Emma says that she has been “messing around helping make homebrew with friends” for a while, but that she has just started to get serious and do some reading about brewing.  Her independent studies have paid off, and if you go to Boonville you can toast her first success with Rose Nose. 

Triple Rock’s manager Jesse Sarinana says he was was inspired by Boston Brewing Company’s national Longshot competition, which selects one Sam Adams employee recipe along with two award-winning home brews for production each year. He knew everybody wanted to go to the Boonville festival, so he concocted a serious competition.  Jesse says to keep an eye on Triple Rock’s bartenders, servers and cooks, many of whom have the drive, talent and knowledge of fine beer to become future brewmasters.  Here’s to someday seeing Emma Rose Meade in pink boots, the honorary uniform of professional women brewers.

Contest winner Emma Rose Meade (photo by Gail Ann Williams)

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  • Joe

    Rose hips are more than “the dried bottom of actual roses” – they’re the fruit of roses, just as apples are the fruit of apple trees.

    Rose hips are usually found dried since they’re more easily stored that way, like what you find in rose hip tea.

    Rose hip jam is pretty good too.

    Rose hips are a great source of bioflavinoids and vitamin C – so drink up!

  • Jay R. Brooks

    Good to know. Thanks for the clarification, Joe.

  • brewnot

    Emma Rose Meade, she got the Rose part right, but failed to add honey! Not even a little?

    Ironic that.

  • Phil

    Go Rose!

    nice work! I miss you all over at 3Rock! see you soon, hopefully!

    Have a great weekend at Boonville!


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