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Goulash wine

By Jessica Yadegaran
Tuesday, July 7th, 2009 at 10:13 am in Corkheads.

Beef goulash

Help. I’ve been invited to a traditional Hungarian dinner. I’m assuming they’ll be serving goulash. In any event, there will be beaucoup de paprika. What wine should I bring?

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  • Robert Stewart

    Hungarian wine is quite good and would obviously be appropriate. A classic red would, of course, be an Egri Bikavér. While quality can vary quite a bit, bottles are relatively expensive, so you might want to pick up 2 or 3 bottles from different vineyards. For a dessert wine, Tokaji Aszú is the most famous choice.

    I traveled to Hungary twice in the last three years, but unfortunately don’t remember the names of the vineyards for wines that I tried that I liked a lot.

    I did pick up a 1993 Tokajske Samorodne Sladke in Slovakia on the first trip for only about 10 Euros. I’m guessing it’s not getting any better, so I should drink it soon. The Tokajske wine region in Slovakia is connected to the Tokaji region in Hungary, so the wine styles are very similar.

    Hopefully the gulyás that is served is more of a soup than a stew. Traditional Hungarian gulyás has an amazing broth.

  • Jessica

    I’m really looking forward to it. And thanks for the tips. I think I’ll save my aging Tokaji Aszu for an upcoming tea party, but you did remind me of an Austrian red I picked up at Biondovino in San Francisco a while back that’s perfect for this meal. Cheers to you.