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More wine trends to watch in 2010

By Jessica Yadegaran
Friday, January 8th, 2010 at 3:15 pm in Corkheads.

Here’s a continuation of my trend forecasting for 2010. I published the first three in my Corkheads column on Jan. 13 (which is already posted on the Contra Costa Times Web site).

Tempranillo. I just judged 46 of these in a big domestic wine competition. The Spanish grape is a bit of a shape shifter. It has the ability to take on so many different styles and flavors depending on where it’s grown.

Here, especially in the Sierra Foothills, it is incredibly ripe and powerful, with an inky hue, ripe tannins, and big aromas and flavors of dried dark fruits, cigar, and olives. And, whether you get it from Lodi or Rioja, it is a lot cheaper than cabernet sauvignon, petit sirah, and even many zinfandels.

Based on Americans’ palate and our expanding tendency toward good values, I think tempranillo will follow malbec and the next big “big” wine.

– Wine and technology. First, there was Wine 2.0, a social networking innovator that seeks to bring together world class wine with emerging communication technology.

Then, the influx of wine blogs. Did you know there are about 700 out there now? They are changing the way consumers learn about and purchase their wine. Now, there are enough iPhone wine apps to never have to search on Google for the meaning of a viticultural term or a winery’s address or what varietals they make.

Naturally, as millennials continue to embrace wine, it will be interesting to see what advances in technology and social media are ahead for wine producers and consumers.

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