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Moonlight Goes Wild

By Jay Brooks
Saturday, May 1st, 2010 at 2:30 pm in On Beer.

Brian Hunt, from Moonlight Brewing, has announced the acquisition of two used French champagne foeders (oak barrels), which he’ll be using make spontaneously fermented beers. Also known as wild ales, it’s the way all beer used to be made before yeast was discovered and understood. Each foeder will hold 34 barrels (1,054 gallons). Don’t expect to see any beer for at least 18 months, because he’ll be aging the beer for at least that length of time, possibly longer. What will they be called? Perhaps Sonambic (a combination if Sonoma + lambic), which is a term Brian Hunt coined, and which Vinnie Cilurzo also uses at Russian River for some of his wild ales, and both breweries are in Sonoma County.

Brian Hunt and his assistant brewer, Jeff Barkley, in front of Moonlight Brewery’s new foeders.

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