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Beer Consumption By Nation

By Jay Brooks
Friday, May 21st, 2010 at 3:14 pm in On Beer.

Here’s another interesting graph showing the per capita consumption of beer for a dozen counties by showing beer glasses filled to a height representative of their levels of drinking.


Beer Consumption By Nation

Here’s the 12 countries with the number representing bottles per person per week.

  1. Czech Republic 8.5
  2. Ireland 7.1
  3. Germany 6.3
  4. Australia 6.0
  5. United Kingdom 5.4
  6. United States 4.4
  7. Canada 3.7
  8. South Africa 3.2
  9. Mexico 2.8
  10. Japan 2.8
  11. Brazil 2.6
  12. China 1.2

You can see the original graphic, much larger, at Snippets.

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