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Yes, semillon: 2008 Roquefort Bordeaux Blanc

By Jessica Yadegaran
Thursday, July 8th, 2010 at 10:41 am in Corkheads.

Chateau Roquefort

I recently tasted my way through Walla Walla, Washington, and was surprised to see so many single varietal bottlings of Semillon. Not sure it works for me that way. It’s almost too woodsy on its own.

In France, the white Bordeaux babe is almost always blended with Sauvignon Blanc. The exception is when Semillon is bortrytis-ed into the world’s most coveted wine, Sauternes.

Most California producers of Semillon blend it too. I think the almost figgy character of the grape does wonders to balance Sauvignon Blanc’s zippy, acerbic personality.

Recent proof: the 2008 Roquefort Bordeaux Blanc. The wine is delicious, especially for the price (I’ve seen it for $11-$13). It’s bright, with a delightful apple-pear core and a boat load of acidity.

I’ve enjoyed it over the past three nights with everything from seafood red curry to grilled peppers.

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