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Bistro’s West Coast Barrel Aged Beer Fest Tomorrow

By Jay Brooks
Friday, November 12th, 2010 at 6:11 pm in On Beer.

The 5th annual West Coast Barrel Aged Beer Festival will take place tomorrow at The Bistro in Hayward. Over 60 beers from different barrels will be poured all day long. In just a few short years, this has become a great festival I look forward to every year.

Over 65 Wood-Aged Beers were available, the most of any Bistro festival
Last year’s Barrel Aged Beer Fest at The Bistro

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  • brewnot

    So who won?

  • craig

    at those prices …”the bistro”

  • brewnot

    at those prices …”the bistro” <—LOL!

    I admit I was surprised at $40.00 price for the glass and 10 samples.

    I have been to several Bistro events and they do a pretty good job.

    This one got a bit annoying because they allowed people to stand at the serving benches and block access to those of us who were trying to get beer.

    Next Bisro event will cause me to think about it and probably pass. $40.00, I do not need/want the glass, 10 splashes of beer at $4.00 ea, a bit steep.