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Remembering Bill Brand

By Jay Brooks
Saturday, March 26th, 2011 at 11:17 am in On Beer.

Today would have been Bill Brand’s 73rd birthday, if not for the tragic events of February 8, 2009. Bill, of course, was hit by a Muni Train that evening and passed away twelve days later, on February 20. He was a bastion of support for the local beer community for decades, and one of it’s most visible media faces. He did a staggering amount of good to help brewers throughout the Bay Area, and wrote about the beer he loved so much with an unmatched passion and zeal. His Bottoms Up blog was read by millions, the newest form of his What’s On Tap newsletter that stretched back into the early 1990s. It was my great honor to take over his column and try to continue his legacy of support for craft brewers in the Bay Area and beyond. Drink a toast to the memory and legacy of William “Bill” Brand today. Happy birthday Bill, you are most certainly missed.

Dueling laptops; Bill and me at Magnolia on February 6 for the tapping of Napa Smith Original Albion Ale by Don Barkley. Photo by Shaun O’Sullivan.

Bill toasting with a pitcher of Oakland’s new Linden Street Brewery. Photo by RRifkin.

Bill taking notes at the Monk’s Blood Dinner at 21st Amendment, February 8, 2009. Photo by Jesse Friedman of Beer & Nosh.

Drink a toast to Bill today, it’s how he would have wanted to be remembered.

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  • Derrick

    I can still remember eagerly awaiting each of Bill’s posts on What’s On Tap as he helped me discover the world of craft beer. He would respond to my naive comments with a great deal of respect and understanding. Even though I never got to meet him, I still feel his loss.

  • del

    RIP Bill, I always looked forward to reading him & seeing him. He taught me a lot about beer and I’m glad you are continuing his legacy! Cheers!