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1000 Blog Links worth checking out…

The 1000 puts this link list at the top of the Pages section. WordPress, as we use it withing the MediaNews blogsite is fairly rigid and there’s no place for links to othe worthy blogs and pages. Ergo, 1000.


21st Amendment, Restaurant & Brewery.   A lively new blog from the creators of Watermelon Wheat in cans.

Appellation Beer.  A pioneering beer blog written by Stan Hieronymous, author of Brew Like a Monk. He travels the world in search of great beer.

Beer and Nosh.  Jesse Friedman lives in San Francisco and writesa about food and beer. He’s interested in pairing beer and food and often accompanies his posts with great food and beer photos.

Beer At Joe’s. Written by a San Franciscan, this is a wide-ranging blog reporting tastings of many beers and beer events. It’s always a great read.

Beer Radar. Written by Don Russell, who writes the Joe Sixpack column in the Philadelphia Daily News, His latest book is Christmas Beer. Don is a longtime sports writer and looks at the beer scene with a practiced eye, a healthy dose of cynicism and take-no-prisoners reporting.

Brewed For Thought.  Written by homebrewer, beer lover, Mario Rubio, who lives in Santa Rosa. He covers the north bay beer scene and beyond.

Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet beer blog. Written by another Philadelphia-based writer and reporter. Want to find out what’s happening around Philly and in the world of beer, go here,.

Taking the Beard out of Beer. This is a great blog, written by UK beer writer Melissa Cole. I read it religiously.

Seen Through A Glass. Written by Lew Bryson, a Philadelphia beer writer: “A beer and whiskey blog: tasting notes, quick rants and raves, Philly area (and beyond) beer news, whiskey news, and all dat.:”