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City Beer’s barrel-aged fest is rocking tonight

It’s getting late. but if you ‘re in the neighborhood of 1168 Folsom in San Francisco, get on over to City Beer. They have five of the barrel-aged beers, brewed by Rodger Davis, while he was at Drake’s in San Leandro.

He’s now head brewere
at Triple Rock in Berkeley, while he looks for backers die his own brewpub or brewpub.
City Beer closes at 10 p.m., so hurry.

Can’t make it tonight? City Beer’s barrel-aged beer fest continues through next week. Check the Web site.

About the beer tonight_best beer in my opinion was Drake’s Brett Ambere\***1/2. It’s Drake’s regular ambew\r, aged in merlot wine barrels for two and one-half years with brettanomyces (wild yeast) added to the barrel for a secondary fermentation.

Wild beer. Chocolate color, light skiff of foam. It tastes faintly sweet with a rising brett sourness, but no mouth-puckereing., finishing with a tang of wood and vanilla.

More on the rest later.Just left there and wrote this on my cell phone. Place is jammed. Great venue, great fest.