Wanted: budget experts with time on their hands

A draft of the 2007-08 budget for the Oakland school district has been posted with Wednesday night’s board agenda. It’s 252 pages, mostly of spreadsheets, so not exactly a beach read. I was hoping for an easier-to-understand summary — the Hayward and San Lorenzo school districts have included those — but maybe one will be available by Wednesday.

I’m also hoping Javetta Robinson, the district’s chief financial officer, will be able to squeeze in an appointment with me before then.


If you have a few spare moments, take a look and let me know if anything jumps out. I plan to write a story Wednesday night, if not before, so I’d appreciate some extra sets of eyes.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • kmurphy

    OK, fine. I can see you all have better things to do in the summertime than pore over reams of financials. I met with Javetta Robinson this afternoon, and she gave me some of the highlights, which I’ll include in a story for Thursday.

  • http://none Turner Dodge

    Dear Katy,
    -the high balance left over in the Restricted column: 10.9 million left over in 06-07 and 12.6 million in 07-08. The restricted funds should be spent down with little to carry over.
    -No audit adjustments? OK…
    -I don’t see the maintenance transfer; 3% of the General Fund Unrestricted budget: 2.5% to Routine maintenance resource 8150 and 0.5% to Deferred Maintenance Fund 14.
    -Fund 30 was discontinued but it is active here.
    -where is the cash flow statement? They say cash flow is not negative.