Add a few more to the “OUSD exodus” list

State Administrator Kimberly Statham has asked her CFO and second-in-command, Javetta Robinson, to leave the district — apparently over professional differences, board member Noel Gallo says.

Statham confirmed that Robinson is leaving, but she wouldn’t say why. Robinson said she wants to wait until Monday to talk about what happened. There will be a story in tomorrow’s paper. Hopefully it will be online soon.

In other departures, district spokesman Alex Katz is leaving for a communications job at City Hall. Kathryn Cahill, a project manager for Expect Success, and John Vacchiery, another Expect Success leader who worked on the central office redesign, are also departing. So is Jerry Luzar, head of the Oakland Athletic League.

At this rate, who will be left?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Alice

    Maybe the tide is turning. Could it be that the “reform” era assesments are showing there needs to be some changes in it’s operations and those who want to keep wholsale reforms at the top of the list without being responsive to low enrollment “aka” less revenues, are feeling the heat. Makes people want to think!

  • Turner Dodge

    Javetta Robinson was an asset to OUSD, one of the few. She was a breath of fresh air. She knew what she was doing there. Let’s hope Kimberly Statham knows what she is doing. “Professional differences” mean Dr. Statham had a power trip. That’s never a good thing.

    Once again, the students of Oakland are the losers. But who cares? Certainly not management.

  • Rhea

    As stated in my first comment on the OUSD Exodus, it’s “Institutional Bullying” and it’s never addressed in OUSD.

  • Tanesha

    I have just read some of the comments posted to this blog, and sometimes there are people connected to the system who just do not want to use common sense or better still showing their true colors. For instance the “Institutionalized Bullying” comments. There is no doubt that there are folks connected to the district that subscribe to the techniques of intimidation, “do as I say do, don’t ask questions or you will be sorry”, which I am sorry to say has been a techniques applied as long as I have had any dealings with the district. But to single out one person in particular shows no shame. If anyone relies on what they see on television as the “truth” should not be taken seriously. I happen to be at the meeting in question, I witnessed and participated in the entire meeting, and also saw the television networks spin on the “incident, which did not happen as shown. Also if a person who works deligently to address the inequities of the system, it truly will not please many, but do they know about the many students and parents who were helped when the system would not work for them because of the injustices ingrained in the seperate but unequal system called education here in Oakland.
    The question remains when will this system called education work for the students who have no choice but to enter without hints of people just there for a check!

  • Queen Says

    I also viewed the video clip where the OUSD Board Member bumped the teacher. I can only see that as a “Bully Move”. The way that board member bumped that teacher cannot be mistaken for nothing else but she was bullying that man. If a board member is allowed to bully on television, what do you think happens at the school site and what does it teach OUSD students how to relate to others? She set a precedents for present and future bullies in OUSD.

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