Charter school principal resigns amid cheating allegations

Isaac Haqq, the controversial principal of the University Preparatory Charter Academy in East Oakland, has quit.

The Oakland school district is investigating a slew of allegations made this spring by a group of teachers that Haqq fixed grades, kept lower-performing students from taking certain standardized tests and fostered an atmosphere of cheating at the school, among other things.

The school’s governing board responded with a binder full of policies, procedures and other evidence which, they said, cleared the school of those accusations.

Kirsten Vital, the district’s chief of community accountability, says district staff are determining where to go from here. She said they would likely know more by Monday or Tuesday.

Allison Sands, who has been filling in on charter oversight issues since Liane Zimny left earlier this year, said they will take Haqq’s departure into account. But, she said, questions remain, and the investigation will continue.

By the way, OUSD has hired a full-time charter schools director — David Montes — who is getting up to speed on his new duties. More on that later.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • D Mascharney Smith-Franklin

    contd from previous comment……., or young girls who were pregnant trying to obtain an education, one young lady was told that she couldn’t walk accross the stage at graduation because she would cause him (Isaac) embarrassment, “This isn’t the place for you to be with your belly sticking out, you should have stayed a Oakland Technical High where girls are always getting pregnant”, another student who is the parent of two children, Isaac had her benefits discontinued, telling the worker that she wasn’t a student at his school, his school was for the serious minded only; not for welfare babies having babies this student tok approx. two months to get this straightened out, which ment her children were being deprived because he (Isaac) has a deep rooted hate against women on welfare. He has even suspended students for talking to a student he disliked, and had the parents come to a meeting if they wanted their child to be a student at UPREP.