Will the old OUSD charter coordinator be the new leader of Uprep? (Yes.)

Monday morning update: The governing board of University Preparatory Charter Academy just named Zimny — who has worked with the school as a consultant — the interim director. They are searching for another person to lead the school on a permanent basis.

Liane Zimny, the former charter schools coordinator for the Oakland school district, didn’t deny rumblings that she might be named the new principal of a school she once oversaw: University Preparatory Charter Academy in East Oakland. 

Uprep’s controversial founder and principal, Isaac Haqq, resigned this week. Meanwhile, district staff are investigating allegations of cheating, course credit fabrication and transcript changes at the school. 

“There is a great deal of need, immediately, at this school,” said Zimny, who has taken on charter schools consulting work since she resigned from the district earlier this year. “I also understand that the board is looking for a path forward.”

She added, “It could be a match.”

But, first things first. The school district has yet to decide — unless, of course, they’ve already decided — whether to keep Uprep open.

On a side note: Last year, while she was still responsible for overseeing Oakland’s charter schools, Zimny recommended that Uprep remain open despite administrative problems that caused the school district to threaten to revoke its charter.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • D Mascharney Smith-Franklin

    was this a so called forced resignation for failing the system at the level she was at previously, and in this position now seems like a demotion to me. the district has screwed around with the students future livley hood, by not taking action sooner. i know if i complained on isaac, i’m sure other parents, students & teachers did too. i pray for the students sake they never let isaac back in the ousd system. he is always telling someone they need to be put on psych medication(s) maybe if he took his he wouldn’t be such a hemroid(s) the bleeding kind, to most of us. with the papers mentioning his past drug abuse issue(s) maybe he relapsed(opinion) and he should seek assistance i pray for his wife and children it must be a constant living nightmare (spooky isn’t it)