A playground’s smelly backdrop


 July 24 update: The trash is still there, the employee reports.

Someone just sent me this photo — taken yesterday — of a pile of garbage near La Escuelita and the Yuk Yau Child Development Center.

It’s right outside the playground fence, my (not really) secret informant said. She reports that it still hadn’t been collected as of this afternoon, when it looked even worse.

Tim White, the facilities chief for OUSD, says it’s probably one of the city’s dumpsters. Unlike the city, the school district still has a good contract with Waste Management; its trash has been collected on schedule, he said.

I guess that’s good news for summer school kids and staff (Does that mean they have only had to hold their noses and run from rodents on the way to school?). But my source, who has contacted the city for help, says it doesn’t make much of a difference for the children who are “greeted” each morning by this heap of trash.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Dana

    The district was told this would be picked up Friday evening. However, I just drove by and it’s all still there which most likely means it’ll be there when the children return Monday morning.

  • emma

    I worked all day on Monday and Tuesday (23rd and 24th) inside the Harper building which houses Metwest High School. The garbage bed by the buildings between La Escuelita and Metwest was overflowing and flies were all over.

  • Clark

    hi i enjoyed the read