Study: Students showed more improvement before NCLB

A report published today in the scholarly journal of the American Educational Research Association found that kids generally made larger academic gains in the years leading up to No Child Left Behind’s enactment in 2002 than they did afterward.

After analyzing the federal test scores in 12 states, researchers found that the reading scores of elementary school children declined since 2002 after rising during the 1990s — improvements they attributed to “state-led accountability efforts.” Fourth-grade math was the only area that picked up since 2002.

Bruce Fuller, a professor of education and public policy at the University of California, Berkeley, was the lead author in a report. In AERA’s synopsis, he says:

“The slowing of achievement gains, even declines in reading, since 2002 suggests that state-led accountability efforts—well underway by the mid-1990s—packed more of a punch in raising student performance, compared with the flattening-out of scores during the ‘No Child’ era,” he observed.

“We are not suggesting that ‘No Child’ has dampened the earlier progress made by the states,” Fuller said. “But we find no consistent evidence that federal reforms have rekindled the states’ earlier gains.”

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • http://none Nancy


    This is a proposal going out to OCO, PICO, Jesse Jackson, Barak Obama, and any other organization who will act immediately and in favor of a public school boycott, across America, this first days of school, in support of immedate action to abolish NCLB. I imagine all churches a Nation-wide Interfaith Council to open the doors of all religious properties to host School under the condition to uphold the First Amendment to the US Constitution requirements to keep neutral among religions and between religion and nonreligion. This also goes out the the AFL-CIO central labor councils around America to support this action, with the agreement that students and families will be requested (not required) to go back to class the Tuesday after labor day. Is there any other way to address the new attack on Civil Rights in favor of craziness beyond Fiscal Federalism?

  • Debora Rinehart

    I believe that to help the children of Oakland succeed you should not have No Child Left Behind, but I also believe that all parents in Oakland should have to sign a contract with the following conditions:

    1. Your child must be at school on time, regardless of what else is happening in their lives. Reading (Open Court) takes place first thing in the morning.
    2. Your child must attend every day unless they are sick.
    3. Your child must be allowed sleep 8 – 10 hours every night.
    4. Your child must eat breakfast every morning, preferably something with protein.
    5. Your child must to dress to get dirty – children learn by doing, dress for learning not for status.
    6. You must assist your child in getting a library card and using it weekly. Oakland libraries are open evenings and Saturdays, visit them every week.
    7. You must read to your child every day, even after they can read for themselves.
    8. You must have your children in kindergarten and beyond read to you every day.
    9. You mus empty your child’s backpack every day and review every item with your child.
    10. You must sign and return all forms and requests the day after you receive them.
    11. You must volunteer at your child’s school. If you work during all school hours, volunteer in the evenings or on weekends to staple Open Court books, assemble materials, whatever it takes to show your child you care about education.
    12. You must have a special place in your apartment or house to put a backpack, library books and to do homework. The end of a kitchen table is all it takes.
    13. You must review every piece of your child’s homework; your child should do his or her best work.
    14. You must speak to your child as they are spoken to at school. Use the language as you want your child to use it to succeed.
    15. You must speak respectfully of your child’s teacher, principal and school in front of your child.
    16. You may never hit or spank your child. Use words to explain to your child what you want done and why. Children who are reasoned with learn how to think and reason problems and conflicts.

    Parent must comply with the following rules or be penalized. For families who follow the rules: your child will be given private tutoring, mentoring or whatever it takes to help them succeed.

  • James Jones, Jr., Parent, etc.

    17. Every OUSD school must give homework everyday, including Friday.
    18. Every OUSD school must must give vacation homework packets for Christmas, Spring and Summer Breaks.
    19. Every OUSD school must have a Conflict Resolution Program.
    20. OUSD must adopt and ENFORCE an aggressive uniform disciplinary standard. (teacher’s need to know that behavior problems will dealt with)

  • James Jones, Jr., Parent, etc.

    21. Children must be spoken to with respect by OUSD Teachers and Staff.