And the new principals are…

After hearing about the retirements of the Fruitvale, Joaquin Miller and Montera principals, I asked the district for a list of all of the existing schools that will have new principals in the fall. It just came in.

Here is the list of 12 14 schools, with the old principals (as of the beginning of 2006-07) and the new ones:

SCHOOL                             FORMER PRINCIPAL      NEW PRINCIPAL


Fruitvale                                Cherie Ivey                    Terry Edwards

International Community   Guillermina Gutierrez          L. Karen Monroe

Joaquin Miller                        Linda Lu                       TBD

La Escuelita                            Kristal Chin                  Tammy Rose

Maxwell Park                         Ruben Aurelio              Mary Louise-Newling

PLACE                                     Jan Hamilton                Enomowyi Booker

Rise                                          Sara Stone                     Carrie Betti


Cole                                         Toby Hopstone              Ivory Brooks

Explore                                  Asali Waters                   Michael Scott

Madison                                 Quiauna Whitfield          Lucinda Taylor

Montera                                Cheryl Rodby                   TBD

Peralta Creek                      David Kumamoto                 Gregory McNamara     


Far West                              Linda McCluskey                  Beverly Jarrett

Oakland High                      Clement Mok                         TBD                    

Then there are the new principals at the district’s new schools:

Community United Elementary School (Lockwood site) — Pati Ceja

Learning Without Limits (Jefferson site) — Leo Fuchs

International High School — Carmelita Reyes

Alternative Learning Community (Toler Heights site) — Dennis Guikema

West Oakland Middle School (Cole site) — Seyana Mawusi

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Jim Mordecai

    Is the Explore principal Michael Scott the same Michael Scott under Randolph Ward that helped convert E Morris Cox to a charter school in a very controversial process?

  • Jasmine Hicks

    What about Oakland High? I heard the Principal is gone there, too.

  • Katy Murphy

    Jim: Good question. I don’t know.

    Jasmine: Mok is still listed as the Oakland High principal on the document they sent me yesterday. I’ll check to see if anything’s changed — thanks for the tip.

  • David Kakishiba

    Clement Mok, principal at OHS, gave notice to the OHS community yesterday . . .

  • Alice Spearman

    Michael Scott is the same principal that stayed with Cox when it converted.

  • Richard

    Jim: Yes, it is the same Michael Scott. I wonder what happened to the charter dream?

  • James Jones, Jr., Parent, etc.

    I wish them all good luck in their new positions. I hope they all hit the ground running.

  • http://ibabuzz.com?education Steve Weinberg

    I think there might be a new principal at Madison Middle School also.

  • Katy Murphy

    I think you’re right. Wow, things change quickly around here. I just called the school, and the receptionist said Quiauna Whitfield was no longer principal. I’ll try to confirm the name of the new hire, if there is one, today.

  • Richard

    The principal at Madison will be Dr. Lucinda Taylor, the principal who just finished supervising the final 8th grade at the old Elmhurst.

  • Richard

    Also, something is up at KIPP. I think it’s going charter and leaving the district….

  • Alice Spearman

    KIPP was grqnted a comversion charter. The school cited that they could no longer exist on just on district funding. They will reciece an excess of $100K from some charter school funder

  • Richard

    I heard KIPP went charter because OEA rejected its contract waiver, which 100% of the faculty signed and supported. This would be typical of OEA, which operates via domination instead of representation.

  • Katy Murphy

    KIPP’s principal explained to me earlier this year, before everything was finalized, that it was a combination of funding and staffing concerns. Basically, they wanted to be able to hire and fire their own staff. The OEA’s rejection of the contract waiver — though it didn’t immediately threaten to change the working conditions, since nothing really came of it — was just one more thing to worry about.

  • Jim Mordecai

    I believe that KIPP started with extra funding from a private donator as a Oakland small school. That funding was used up. Going charter as a start-up charter allows the school to to borrow up to 250,000 if approved and they have the correct enrollment.

    However, KIPP has applied for two charters. The first charter was not clearly written but was approved by the Board, I believe, as a conversion charter. KIPP then came back to the Board and wanted approval as a start up charter in order to borrow up to $250,000. I believe since KIPP Oakland is a public school it can not receive funding as a start up charter.

    I would appreciate clarity on whether Board Member Spearman is correct that KIPP is going forth and opening in August as a conversion charter. I would also like to know the source of any private funding.

  • Jim Mordecai


    Your harsh comment about OEA dominating instead of representing is off the mark. OEA represents its members democratically. If the majority wants a change in policy it happens. If you are a teacher lead OEA to newer better representative policies if you can get the membership votes because OEA leadership is representative of its members or that leadership is voted out of office as was shown in the recent defeat of the encumbent OEA President.

    Remember that under California’s charter law it was not the entire faulty of KIPP voting to convert to a charter school that mattered but only the signatures of the permanent faculty’s was counted. That vote was less that the fingers on one hand. To say that a handful turning over a public school to a charter school is representative of the majority of teachers in Oakland is misleading. The issue of pay for overtime work is an issue of protecting all teachers in the union from having their wages chipped away by waiving the Contract. I would guess that most union members want their wages protected and paid the wage they won in a Contract that including giving up health benefits.

    The fact that KIPP worked with Oakland to become a small school knowing it was a union District shows that KIPP was a Trojan Horse playing OUSD as the fool and pertending to want only to make KIPP work as a public school; but once it was in the District taking the school out of the District as a as a charter. Since KIPP failed to be able to carry on with the inadequate money that public schools must live on in California, it shows that it can not compete with public schools and considers itself a failure as a public school. Some would point to KIPP as a success but ignore the Oakland lesson that successful KIPPs need more money than provided in California.

  • Ted Harris

    I would like to nominate Steve Weinberg to fill the position of principal at Oakland High. Even if he doesn’t have an admin credential, I have a friend at UPrep that can do a fairly convincing job of producing important documents.

  • ex Oakland teacher

    Does anyone know why the ex-principal (Guillermina Gutierrez) of International Community School left in the middle of the school year?

  • sam johnson

    i have heard from a number of people that explore is closing, does anyone have any info
    on this?

  • Katy Murphy

    Sam: Explore is one of the schools on the central office’s low enrollment and low student achievement lists, which means it might close, or it might be restructured, or it might receive more district support to make it work. District staff are meeting with teachers and parents at each of the schools in question to get input on what intervention(s) to take. They say they have not made any decisions.

    Last year, the process resulted in the closures of Kizmet, East Oakland Community High and Sherman. Merritt Middle College was also closed, but under different circumstances relating to Merritt College, where the alternative high school was located.

    The fate of Explore, BEST, Sankofa, Burckhalter and YES, among others, is supposed to be announced in December.