Are teacher blogs (for students) a thing now?

I just noticed that a sixth-grade teacher at the Alternative Learning Community, a new middle school I just wrote about, has created a blog for her students. After the first day of class, she told them how impressed she was of them already. She also promised to post photos and homework assignments online.

Wow. When I was a kid, I couldn’t imagine being able to communicate with my teachers like that — not just because I hadn’t heard of the Internet, but because I only interacted with them during the school day.

Nowadays, many teachers give out their cell phone numbers — and some, apparently, create online spaces to check in with their students.

Do you know of any other blogs teachers have created for their students? Feel free to post the links.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • http://westlakeeagles.com Peter

    At Westlake, many of our teachers have a “blog-like” way of communicating with students and families. Not all families have regular access to the internet, and not all teachers find this appropriate for their classes, but it’s a great start! Special credit to Tom Hughes who designed and maintains it! http://www.westlakeeagles.org

  • http://alc.ousd.k12.ca.us Dennis Guikema

    This is great. What is amazing is that most teachers at ALC are making classroom blogs and/or websites. This is easy to do w/ blogger.com or google.com/a Our whole school got a domain name and enough email addresses for all staff and students for a total price tag of $10 from Google! Even our school site (http://alcoakland.com) was set up with this. If I can make a site that looks this good, with hardly any tech know-how, anyone can do it!

    Over time, we are planning to have all students and families have computers at home with internet access. This is provided for FREE by OTXWest (www.otxWest.org)

  • Maria Ku

    We’re just starting at Montera, but we’re told many (most?) teachers have been doing this – posting all class assignments, calendars etc. on their class websites, and keeping weekly email communications with parents going. This keeps everyone up to date and provides some extra backup support for managing assignments. Great resource!

  • Trelawney

    I have read many things about middle and high school teachers having blogs for their students to communicate with them. I have also had friends in college that had professor blogs. Although I have not had personal experiences with them I think that they are a great tool for the students of today.