Will there be an apology tonight?

Update: Dobbins did apologize — to the student and her family, to the board, to the rest of the school community — and said he was wrong. He also said that he had good intentions, and that there was “no inappropriate contact.”

cdobbins1.jpgThe Oakland school board meets tonight for the first time since calling for the resignation of Chris Dobbins. According to the terms of the censure (no committees, no appointments), the board is pulling Dobbins from the Chabot Space & Science Center board of directors and replacing him with David Kakishiba, board president.

Maybe Dobbins will apologize to the public tonight. Maybe not. Last week, after a report detailing his relationship with a 17-year-old former student was read aloud, the board member said he wouldn’t step down. He said he made an error in judgment, but that the board’s action was unfair.

Also tonight, district staff present a back-to-school report that includes enrollment (40,084) figures, construction project costs, a test score analysis and a staffing update chock full of pie charts and line graphs.

Although just over 300 teachers left the district, there were a total of 503 vacancies — some, because of internal transfers. As of this week, 18 remained.

Another interesting tidbit: 15 of Oakland’s new teachers came from Spain and Mexico.

Katy Murphy

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  • Work4God

    I just want to know, when will others in the Oakland Schools who have done far worse be punished??? Like a school board member hitting a teacher, a school board member threatening to attack the state administrator, a campus supervisor who physically beats on students, bullies faculty, staff, and the principal, a principal who sabotages the work of certain staff, a parent who writes lies about staff, a teacher who bullies other teachers, an attorney who lies and setups staff, need I go on? Yes, this is, and more, happening in the Oakland Schools. This mibehavior is ignored when the people involved are connected. Misbehavior is misbehavior and there should be consequences.

  • Ted Harris

    I’ve read this blog for about a month now, and through various postings, I believe probably all of the ills that plague OUSD have been listed in one forum or another—In fact, I’m sure we could come up with a list 95 different, but critical problems the district is facing, nail them to the door of the district headquarters and walk away in protest. After teaching in this district for over five years however, I’ve come to realize that ours is a culture of low expectations, abdication of personal responsibility and general apathy. Nothing could be a clearer example of this than the reprehensible behavior that Dobbins has demonstrated—both in his relationship with the 17 year old student and in his pathetic attempts to deny and justify his wrongdoing. Although Dobbins may not have technically engaged in any illegal conduct, it is blatantly obvious that the intimacy and familiarity that his engagements with this young lady occurred, was far beyond the pale. For someone who comes from a family of educators, and as a former teacher himself, Dobbins should have been well aware of the professional and ethical boundaries he willingly crossed time and again. How can we as professional educators talk about accountability and personal responsibility at any level when jackasses like Dobbins continue to humiliate the district? I applaud Noel Gallo and other board members who investigated this matter, censured him and called on him to resign.

  • Momma Momma

    If Board Member Dobbins step down, who will replace him?

  • ex Oakland teacher

    Dobbins needs to step down. His behavior is disgusting, and indicative of a dysfunctional system. As an educator he knew full well that his actions were unacceptable. He could lose his job and credential for these activities if he was still teaching.

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