No Child, API reports released today

After spending the better part of the last 32 hours frying my brain trying to cull a story out of these numbers, I can’t imagine anyone voluntarily clicking on this link over Labor Day weekend. But if you’re in town, here you go:


Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Dennis Wong

    At any time in those 32 hours, did you happen to find the following scores noteworthy? Just wondering.

    American Indian Public Charter 950
    American Indian Public High 940*
    Oakland Charter Academy 896

    Dennis Wong
    Teacher, American Indian Public High School

  • Celia Davis

    Yes well- that’s what happens when you can cherry pick your students, and even, as I understand, drop those that aren’t ‘cutting it’ just before testing starts. (This definitely happened in 2006, don’t know about 2007)

  • Dennis Wong

    No, you don’t know about 2007, but it’s easier to repeat urban legends than to actually find out the truth. I personally lost three students during the year, but they left voluntarily at variouis times to go to another charter school. They were not “cut,” nor were they dumped on the local public school (another urban legend that has been bandied about).

  • http://www.mindpowercollective.org Jayeesha

    Also of note, East Oakland Community High School (irrationally and unjustifiably closed by OUSD last spring) actually MET its API last year. This was cited as a primary reason for shutting the school down. What a terrible shame!