Grading the boss on her one-year anniversary

kimberly-statham.jpgJust a few weeks into Kimberly Statham’s tenure as Oakland Unified’s state administrator, the teacher’s union gave her a report card with a big, fat D. At the time, I remember thinking that an “incomplete” might have been more fitting.

But now that it’s been almost a year since Statham was given a permanent appointment, I think it’s fair to ask the question: How well has she led the Oakland school district?

I’ve already posed that question to a number of people, but I welcome input — on or off the blog — from you all, as well. Specific examples or anecdotes are especially helpful.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Turner

    F in Finance. She fired a capable CFO for political reasons. Clearly, she does not understand that not getting along with the CFO is a recipe for failure.

  • Jim Mordecai

    To be fair to Kimberly Statham she was placed in a job that she is not qualified. Her area of expertize was in curriculum and not finance. But, the primary need in Oakland was for an Aministrator that was an expert in finance. The firing of Javetta Robinson appears to be a bad mark against Administrator Statham because she did not have someone in place qualified to take over for Ms. Robinson.

    I have argued that because Jack O’Connell and Alameda County Superintendent Sheila Jordan selected an unqualified State Administrator to expect failure. But, the truth is that I see a mixed bag of events that indicate improvement, a step forward, and other events that indicate more of the same old failure. Administrator Statham did make school board meetings under her administration much more democratic. But, much has been attempted to make central administration work better but payroll is continuing to not get everyone paid on time. The key problem with, first position control, and then with internal auditing are being dealt with. Yet, Statham administration continues to both close and grow charter schools.

    As much as I want to give her administration an F, only an I for incomplete is realistic. The issues of a new teacher contract, putting in place a Finance expert, and passing on the State audit as well as FCMAT operational grades in all areas should define the Statham administration grade for all to see.