A few hours later, a new boss for OUSD: Vince Matthews

vmatthews4.jpgChief of Staff Vince Matthews, 45, will replace Kim Statham as state administrator — at least, for the short term. He’s been with the district since May.

He’s a 2006 Broad Academy Fellow, a former regional supe for the San Diego schools, and a former principal at Edison Charter Academy in San Francisco and John Muir Middle School in San Leandro.

He’s got a five-page resume that lists about 10 jobs. Anyone remember his brief stint as principal at Dewey? That’s not on there.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Caroline

    Vince Matthews was last in the news running Edison Charter Academy in San Francisco, back when Edison Schools were being hailed as the next miracle in education. His biggest stunning success was conning the press into describing Edison Charter Academy as “a successful school in a failing district” in a year when it actually scored dead last among San Francisco’s schools. Well, that shows a real talent of one kind or another. Welcome back to the spotlight, Vince.
    (Edison is, of course, now treated by its former cheerleaders like an embarrassing odor in the room.)

  • Richard

    Didn’t he work for the district sometime in the past? Weren’t there some murky details about some of his work? Katy, is it time for some investigative journalism?

  • Caroline

    Katy, I posted late on a Friday night, as you can see, so I may not have provided sufficient information or emphasis.

    Matthews’ role in the Edison mediafest/con game was very high-profile, including a Page 1 story in the New York Times and lots of coverage in other national and international media. Edison sought and won a very bright international (I kid you not) spotlight on his school, which ended up not showing it in a flattering light, ultimately.

    (As a volunteer critic of Edison running a research and information campaign about it, I was quoted in the NYT story — then a friend called me from Tel Aviv after seeing the story picked up in the International Herald Tribune — that’s how high-profile it was.)

    For info on that history, go to:

    If you need background, let me know! This is my area of expertise.

  • Miriam

    I’m with Sharon on her comment about what a disaster Statham was for the district, students, staff, and community. As for O’Connell’s comments that Matthews is “going to continue the same philosophy that Dr. Statham has exercised, which is collaboration and inclusion” – I hope, though it’s doubtful, that Matthews truly understands what collaboration and inclusion mean. These are things that Statham NEVER exercised, let alone understood!

  • allison

    he too shall pass. they always do.

  • Venus


    It’s true he’ll be gone in a flash. The question is how much damage will he do while he’s here?

  • turner

    Don’t you get the feeling that the Broad residents have done more damage to the district than is being reported? To have so many of them here getting at least $100k each in salary and benefits, you would think we would be in better shape. Instead, we have just overpaid paid so many Broad fellows who have underachieved massively.

    Matthews will be no different: just an annual $250k of failure.

    It’s OK. We have the money to waste, don’t we?

  • Kristina Stoneberg

    I worked under Vincent Matthews at Edison in 2002 and he is – to date – the best principal I have worked under. He was intelligent, decisive and in control but most importantly he cared about the kids and about his staff. I would jump at the chance to work under him again. He is an incredible leader who will do what he needs to do to back his staff and his students.

  • Jim Mordecai


    Good to know that your experience with Vincent Matthews leads you to support him your charter school principal.

    However, critics above see his zero experience in leading a large school district as the problem and compounded with administrative underlyings that are Broad trainees similarly going through on the job training.

    Under the dictatorship of State Superintendent Jack O’Connell providing Oakland with the best administrative leadership is not his first priority. However, courting favor with a billionare does seem to be a priority with a higher office forever in mind.

    But, since you had a nice experience with Principal Matthews, you have a nice day and don’t trouble yourself with the thought that inexperience of its Oakland administration means the students, teachers, parents and taxpayers won’t.

  • steve

    I’m curious, since the last postings (some two years ago,yes, is this guy (Matthews) still in the position? Are they still placing Broad OJT underachievers at the helm??

  • Jim Mordecai


    Yes and although Broad interns are still being sent they are not being placed in as important positions. But, an ex-OUSD Broad intern is working for son of the Dryers’ fortune on influencing Oakland education policy from outside the OUSD Administration.

    What is new is that Vince Matthews followed Jack O’Connell, his master’s order, and transferred almost one-half a million in OUSD general funding to the District’s 30 or so charter schools at $60 per charter school student. This is money without any strings and could be used for charter school administration pay.

    This transfer came at a time when Oakland is facing challenge making payroll because of the State’s cuts and delayed payments.

    It was just announced at the last Board meeting that a recent audit found the District under State management has been overstating cash to the tune of almost $15 million dollars on top of a cash projected deficit of 29.9 million.

    Jim Mordecai