Is science evaporating from California’s schools?

In most of the elementary classrooms in California – 80 percent – science is taught for less than an hour a week, researchers from UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science found in a study released yesterday. The researchers found that 16 percent of teachers said they spent no time at all on science.

Here is the article the Tribune published on the subject. It looks like the YouTube video was created by someone at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Debora

    Joaquin Miller elementary school has a new focus on science school-wide. Many teachers at our school have used science to teach writing and math. I believe the part in the video about many teachers being unsure of how to begin teaching science – and while I am not a fan of “straight textbook” science, for some teachers it’s a starting point.

    One of the great things about Joaquin Miller and some of the other schools in Oakland is that the teachers work in concert with each other. Second grade science is taught by one teacher, another teaches social studies and a third teaches art, teasing out cultural nuances by what is in the background.

    For their writing assignments my daughter’s class uses the garden in the front of the school. They’ve written about the humming birds that have appeared for three consecutive weeks and have watched and written about a female spider who lured, and caught a bee. Classroom experiments include physical science of balance and counter balance, as well as push and pull (reaction and equal and opposite reaction).

    I would be interested to hear what other schools are doing in their science programs.