Silhouette. S-I-L-H-O-U-E-T-T-E. Silhouette.

spellelem1.jpgCongratulations to Bryan Zheng (left), a fourth-grader at Laurel Elementary School, and Alec Cowles (below), a seventh-grader at Claremont Middle School, the last students standing in the 2007 Oakland school district spelling bee.

I have to admit that I spell-checked some of the words in the elementary school competition. Mr. Zheng won on “reminisce,” but first he had to overcome the likes of “somnolent,” “metamorphosis” and “echinachea.”

spellmidd.jpgMr. Cowles remembered to put the “ch” and “ph” in schizophrenia, and the “h” in silhouette, earning him the middle school trophy after a long battle with Bret Harte’s Megan Pendleton.

Other middle school runners-up came from United for Success, Elmhurst Community Prep and Westlake (I’ll add their names, when I get them).

The elementary school runners-up were Damian Saravia, Griffin Phillippi, Amanda Tang and Alexis Hager.

If I’ve misspelled any names — or words — in this entry please let me know.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.