Reporter heads willingly into the snow and ice

chicago.jpgIt’s a balmy 38 degrees in Chicago today.

That’s where I’m headed, to spend Christmas with my family. I’m taking an exceptionally long break, by newspaper standards — I don’t return to work until Jan. 2.

But meanwhile, you will most likely hear from our two new student-bloggers, Jesse Dutton-Kenny and Isabel Rodriguez-Vega, who tell me they’ll have time to post during their two-week vacation.

And, let’s face it. I’m sure I’ll be furtively checking the blog between shopping trips and family gatherings — hopefully, not too often. I hope you also enjoy a short (and much needed) break from school-related stress.

Happy New Year!

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Sue

    Katy, I hope you have a great trip, good weather, and no travel delays.

    My family is also heading out of town, but I’ll be back next Wednesday, and looking forward to seeing what our student-bloggers have to say.

  • marcia

    katy, what happened with the hillcrest vote last night???

  • turner

    Merry Christmas, Katy! Enjoy the long holiday. Thanks for maintaining such an informative blog.

  • teacher

    Was curious if you saw the Skyline Oracle article on the drama teacher. They really went after your article on the student with Asperger’s.

  • Joaquin Miller Parent


    Have a very Merry Christmas – I loved the article in today’s Oakland Tribune about the students who completed their units but did not pass the exit exam at the end of their senior year. Then they worked, studied and ultimately passed the exam and graduated.

    This is the kind of students I am proud to call Oakland students. Those who may have needed extra time, and extra help, but stuck with the job. They are true graduates. They did not just mark 4 years of showing up. They learned; they learned their lessons, both book work and real life lessons. Congratualtions to one and all!

  • Sharon

    Many wishes for you to have a wonderful holiday. As someone who has been following the work of your predecessors at the Tribune (since Robert Gammon, then Paul Roysinsky, then Grace Rauh, then Alex Katz, or something along those lines) you are doing a really, really great job by providing such an important, and consistent service to the community.

    Try to stay warm!

  • jim2812


    Appreciate your reporting and blog. Thanks for the work you have done. Wishing you job and family success in the New Year.

    Jim Mordecai