Uniforms at Skyline High School?

irodriguez2.jpgThere has been a rumor spreading around Skyline High School recently. The administration is thinking about enforcing a uniform policy next year, and both students and teachers are doubtful.

I first heard about it through a student in leadership (student council) but didn’t take it seriously until I found out about a staff meeting held to discuss the idea. I don’t have many details about the proposed uniform policy, but I have heard from some teachers that Ms. Green (Skyline’s principal) is not encouraging staff to think about how on earth it would work, but rather if they think it would be a good idea.

Personally, I don’t think uniforms would be all that bad. I would no longer have to think about what to wear in the morning, and as long as they were not too hideous I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Some argue it reduces conflict within the school, makes students more focused, or gives the school a more organized, disciplined appearance.

But in reality, does a simple change of clothes really have this much of an effect? Can it solve all the problems at Skyline? This seems to be the reasoning behind implementing a uniform policy.

When I first heard about the uniform policy I was very surprised because uniforms is the last thing I would expect the administration to be thinking about. There are so many other things to be worrying about at Skyline right now; uniforms just seems like an absurd idea.

It would take a lot of effort and hard work to get uniforms at Skyline, especially with the almost certain protest of students. Is it really worth all the trouble?

It may be an attempt to solve any problems the school has been facing, but, uniforms or no uniforms, there will still be drugs, violence, and poor test scores. You encounter these things at any high school, and uniforms only seem to mask problems rather than fix them. Instead of lingering on whether or not we should be wearing uniforms, when the current dress code works perfectly fine, maybe the administration should be focusing on more important issues.

I’m sure parents, teachers, and students all have very different opinions about uniforms. I would like to know what everybody thinks about it, so please, feel free to comment!


  • Sue

    When my now-sophomore-at-Skyline son was in 1st grade at Tilden, he wore their uniform. None of the other students were wearing it though, so instead of helping him fit in (he was in a Special Day Class for Communication Handicaps), it made him stand out on the playground. In 1st grade that wasn’t a big deal, but in high school it’s huge.

    So, if Skyline goes to uniforms, will there be strong enforcement, or will some students be in uniform and others in regular/street clothes?
    How would a strict policy, if there were one, be enforced?
    If the policy isn’t strict, why have it at all?
    Would there be a budget for providing uniforms for students/families that couldn’t afford them?
    Where would that money come from?
    Would something else have to be cut from the budget?
    And if so, what would be cut?

    I wore a uniform for four years in the Air Force, and I don’t have a problem with uniforms in the right time and place for the right reasons. But I don’t see high school as that time or place. Since I don’t know the reasons (or even if there are any reasons, rather than just a product of the rumor mill) for uniforms at Skyline, I’m not in favor at this time. Let teens express themselves.

  • Pamela

    As a parent of a freshman at Skyline, I say GREAT. I love uniforms. It levels the playing field. It makes our morning go faster. He would not have to even think about what to wear, Is it cool enough, or fashion forward. This is his first year without uniforms. I for one would welcome them back into my life. Bring it on.

  • Mr. G

    I think sue makes a good point about the need for strict enforcement and room in the budget for students who can’t afford uniforms. Those are the students who would probably benefit the most from a school uniform. It is difficult for kids whose parents can’t afford the latest fashions to keep up with the ones who can.

    It isn’t hard to come up with an affordable uniform. Khaki pants and a white or navy t-shirt are available anywhere and are relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to what most kids are wearing.

    As far as enforcement, that’s a bigger issue. Schools have given up their ability to enforce the rules they set. They don’t demand enough from the students or the parents or the school board. Skyline is a good school. If they set a dress code policy, those students who want to attend classes there will follow the policy. Those who would rather express themselves than get an education may do so elsewhere. That only works with the support of the school board.

    They will likely see a greater benefit from taking a stand and not backing down than they will from the dress code, itself, but if that is what it takes to command the respect that most schools seem to have relinquished (especially at the high school level), then so be it.

    Most of these kids need more structure, not less. When they get it, they thrive. It would be one thing if they were all being made to follow the rules at home, but based on the number of kids I see hanging out on the street corner, playing dice at noon on school days, I get the feeling that isn’t the case.

    If those kids who lack discipline and respect start to learn the importance of these values, it will become easier for everyone to learn (and teach).

  • Marsha

    In my opinion, school uniforms for Skyline are a bad idea. I understand the reasoning behind the decision-students not having to worry about what they wear to school, not having clothes distract them from schoolwork, etc, but I don’t feel that these benefits would outweigh the negative aspects. I go to Sklyine, and know that many many students at Skyline would have such a big objection to school uniforms (whether well-founded or not) and make such a big deal out of it, that the fight against school uniforms would cause a great deal of distraction from schoolwork. Also, if the adminstration’s goal with uniforms is to bring down fights, bring up test scores, etc, changing what students are allowed to wear won’t change those things. If you put a student who is prone to fighting and does poorly in class in khakis and a polo, that person will not suddenly become a model student. All in all, I think uniforms would cause way more problems than it’s worth.

  • Trent

    I strongly agree with you that uniforms would not prevent or stop the problems that Skyline faces. For starters, many criminals are well-dressed, and as a result I see absolutely no reason why it would potentially reduce the amount of crime (drugs, gambling, fighting) at school. In addition to that, many students would simply refuse or neglect the school uniform rule, and like most rules at Skyline, this would most likely be unenforced. So, to summarize, while I too wouldn’t mind a school uniform, I believe that the school has much better things to spend money on (such as accelerated programs)rather than uniforms that many students wouldn’t wear and would not deter crime.


  • JessicaWong

    I personally think that uniforms are not that bad, though it is true that i also agree with the comments above that school uniforms will not benifit us (the students) in a significant way. Yes, it is a “equalizer”, but as you can see skyline is a very diverse school and it is clear that everyone has their own style. Probably, not many will follow in agreeing with the idea of uniforms and it might feel as if uniforms are stripping the students of individuality. I also feel that uniforms will not help lessen the violence that goes on in Skyline. A majority of the fights in this school is not likely to be based on clothing items, so how would uniforms change this? Students disagree on a broad variety of things, and uniforms is not the solution.

  • Stephanie

    As a junior at Skyline High School, I strongly oppose the introduction of school uniforms. I agree with Trent and Marsha that telling students what they can or cannot wear will not reduce the problems at Skyline whatsoever. In fact, it will most likely create more problems. If instated, the policy will only add to an already extensive list of attempted policies. In order for the policy to actually work, it will need to be strongly enforced, and frankly, I highly doubt Skyline has the administrative manpower to do so.

    Skyline has many more urgent needs to take care of than school uniforms. The money that would be spent on the uniforms can be put to much better use. The school needs a clean, safe environment, especially when the bathrooms are disturbingly grotesque, the hallways reek of marijuana, and the students do not feel safe on campus. What students really need are more counselors, especially if they hope to continue on to college. They need more advanced placement programs, more teachers who are actually certified to teach, and more security guards who actually help reinforce school rules. Skyline should be thinking about these issues instead of school uniforms.

  • Lily

    Being another Skyline High School student, I agree that uniforms are not a good idea for our school, at least not in the next year. As you point out, our current dress code works fine the way it is and pleases our community. On top of this, I simply cannot imagine every Skyline student receiving and then wearing a uniform everyday. Knowing and interacting with our population on a daily basis, all I could imagine from a uniform policy at our school is protest and not-so-joyous students. And from this, only more problems will arise which is the complete opposite of what a uniform code is intended to do.

    What the students are wearing will not affect the problems our school already faces, violence, drugs, cutting class, etc., and would instead place just another thing on the minds of our already-overloaded administrators and staff. They work extremely hard at what they do and I do not believe they deserve the ugliness of unhappy, rebellious students who won’t wear uniforms. At the moment, they are working hard on establishing an effective tardy policy. Slowly but surely, the Skyline staff is trying to conquer each current conflict, one step at a time, as with working with attendance and tardies at this time. Enforcing a uniform policy next year is too soon and would upset the balance, since there are larger issues at hand that should be placed before uniforms.

    Personally, I would not want a uniform policy at Skyline. I have always been proud of my public school background and although not all private schools require uniforms, my mind automatically links uniforms and private schools together. Even though having a uniform would reduce a large amount of my morning stress, since I wouldn’t have to pick out what I’m going to wear everyday, and I wouldn’t mind wearing a uniform to school, I would much rather wear my own clothes and be my own individual.

    I just don’t believe uniforms are meant to be worn by Skyline High School students. We have an amazingly talented and strong population of students who should have the right to express themselves, including through the way we dress.

  • Wendy Ma

    I am also another student at Skyline High School, and i believe that school uniforms will not work and i agree with the student who have posted above me. Although it will eliminate minutes from my morning routine (and i wouldnt mind wearing a plaid skirt), the clothing i wear is what makes me feel different from others and lets me express how i feel and who i am. With school uniforms, i will lose my previledge of self-expression and creativity.

    I also understand that there has been alot of violence going on at Skyline, but putting everyone in the same clothing will not solve the problem, because the source of the problems are not what people wear. There is also the issue of paying for uniforms and not all parents are able to afford them.

    The clothing we students wear at Skyline are not a problem. So why fix something that isnt broken/wrong? Can fabric really change the violence, drugs, cutting classes, etc. at Skyline?

  • David

    I personally don’t think school uniforms are a good idea, as a matter of fact, that its a bad idea. Like many of the other commenters, i believe that by making us, the students, wear unforms is just a way for the administration to cover up the problems that the school already faces.
    School uniforms will not make me less violent, get higher grades or test scores, or help me get into college,or keep me from getting suspended. If the uniform policy were to succeed, the administration would have a very difficult time trying to enforce the policy, many students are likely to not follow it, and like many of the other attempts to make the school a “better” place to learn, it is not likely to succeed.
    It is probably true that those who go to classes wil follow the policy, but those students will hate it, and school spirit will die. And the school would lose much of its funding if many of the students who would rather express themselves than go to school left.

  • Javier W. Panzar

    Speaking as a Skyline High School student and as a patriotic American i think that mandatory uniforms at a public school brings us, as a society, a step closer to fascism. Whatever parents and administrators THINK may be gained by implementing this policy are greatly outweighed by the detrimental effects they bring on. First off the belief that uniforms will solve anything is totally absurd. There is no way that a simple change in the clothes you wear could even come close to eliciting a change in Skyline’s or any other schools

  • Javier W. Panzar

    Problems like fighting and drug use are embedded too deep into the psyche of the student to be solved by a simple change of clothing. This suggestion is bordering on insulting because in the end it is yet another distraction from the real problems that plague our school and our society. Uniforms offer no longterm benefits to the skyline community, and the argument that they save time is too self conscious to be taken seriously, plan out your outfits ahead of time or develop better time management skills, after all that is something you need to have in high school.

    I believe in general that at this stage in our lives we are already set on a path that cannot be altered by our clothing. To really make any kind of change to stop the violence at our school a much grander plan is required; a plan that attacks the problem at its source. What is needed is a comprehensive paradigm shift in how kids are educated and this change cannot come from schools alone, but from parents and the community. Uniforms would just be a band-aid on a deep gushing wound.

    The implementation of a code would rob students of their rights as Americans. The clothing you wear says something about you, it tells who you are, by making all 2000+ students wear uniforms the administration would be robbing students, unnecessarily of their right to express themselves. Students rarely get a way of expressing who they are, with classes set up in a way where all they are taught is how to pass the year end tests. Clothing is a voice, an important one that should not, cannot, and will not be silenced.

  • Sharon

    One afternoon about two months ago as I was driving near Calvin Simmons middle school, I saw about six boys in nice looking school uniforms (dark green shirts w/khaki pants) surround another boy and press him against a chain link fence. One of them then performed a “backpack” check — in other words, they mugged him. Uniforms didn’t change the mentality of those individuals. Behavior problems lie much, much, much deeper than the clothing.

    However, I do support a more rigid dress code because I believe it would help kids learn dressing standards when participating in the business of mainstream society. They definitely need that type of information and guidance.

  • Karina Alvarez

    I believe that wearing uniforms is a good idea because students do not have to worry about what to wear the following day or do not have to waste their money on buying a lot of cloth for the year, however I do believe that if this passes there will be more problems then good results because wearing uniforms will just bring more violent and students will start to hate the school more and do worst in classes and in test scores purposely. I think it is ok the way it is and we should make the school better in other ways besides students having to wear uniform.

  • Bianca James

    In my opinion uniforms is the last thing we (the skyline family) should be thinking about…Uniforms aren’t that bad but they do take away a lot of freedom from students…I mean hey we’re in high school and we should at least be able to choose what we want to wear. If this uniform idea is what the administrators think will help students better their education, thats preposterous. Clothes don’t make the students learn better or even want to learn. I think administering mandatory tutoring for every student will be a better strategy. Not making us wear uniforms.

  • http://www.myspace.com/albinoariebizzle Diamond Broussard

    The belief that mandatory uniforms would make students and Skyline as a whole appear as “disciplined and organized” is completely true. Skyline will only APPEAR to outsiders looking in as disciplined and organized. Meanwhile, a lack of communication will still allow the oh-so-stressed-out out administration to be under fire for another irrelevant attempt to “make Skyline a better place”. Students will also be more focused; they’ll be more focused on different ways to rebel against authority and ways to earn back their beloved $100 L-R-G or Luxirie by L-R-G jeans. Yes, uniforms. That’s exactly what we Titans need.

    I really am proud to be attending Skyline because it is so diverse and has a generally positive atmosphere. Yet If fashion is the central dilemma that is taking a toll on our poor test grades, considerably famous school riots and fights, and “ah-mazing” weed-smelling 20 building, administration at Skyline would have since done away with it. As the premier high school in Oakland, Skyline should be setting trends by finding new methods and strategies for tackling these age-old problems, such as recruiting leaders among the students to get involved, and even by giving paid jobs to academically excelling students to tutor their peers or to do whatever else job may be needed done. Setting an example for other schools will allow our school to live up to the disciplined and organized name that we wish to, not by being able to produce 1900+ clones in white collar shirts and dark colored, stain-resistant Dickies.

    Honestly, students, including me, would not digress from the important principle of education to blue jeans or black in the morning if we did have to wear uniforms. However, implementing uniforms will not cause Titans to begin churning out straight-As and 2100s on the SAT. What we need are resources, resources, and more resources. Many times peers that I know also complain about the lack of communication between us and the administration; one should not only be allowed make an appointment with our very own counselor during class time in order to find some much needed scholarship opportunities. If we had more money, more understanding teachers and faculty, and more concerned student counselors, then would we have a more disciplined and organized student body, not after the whole school spends thousands on expensive school uniforms.

    Quite frankly, buying those starched, preppy Peter Pan collars and Chino’s won’t keep us from not attending class. Learning to work together as a community in a classroom in order to make a long-awaited change will do the job. When people stop judging based on money and status, then maybe uniforms could be used as a means to implement order. Until then, I’ll be complacent with my dookie rope chain and walk with my head held high in my H&M hoodie and Nike Blazers.

  • Deckin

    It’s nice to read the comments of so many Skyline students. I’m impressed by the generally good level of clarity as well. But let’s get to the arguments. It’s important to distinguish two issues: 1) are uniforms, in the abstract, a good idea? 2) is the Skyline administration capable of enforcing any policy, regardless of its content? If the answer to 2) is yes, then you have an argument against virtually any policy that may be made. So even if we could come up with something everyone agreed was the greatest idea since sliced bread, you’d have to be against Skyline trying that too. Is that a position you want. About 1), I think you’re overstating the case made by uniform proponents. It’s not meant as something that, by itself, will change a school. Rather, it’s another vehicle for the administration to demonstrate and effect control over the students. Any tool the administration can have to remind students who’s in charge is a good idea. Of course, if the administration is completely feckless, then it should be changed–but don’t throw out uniforms because of that.

    With all due respect to the comments about civil rights, high school students in school have severly attenuated rights by anyone’s admission, and the right to wear what you please is surely not one of them. The creeping fascism argument might work in your Composition class, but it’s really a red herring.

    One thing that is overlooked by those who claim that students will ignore the code is that this, in itself, provides a means of ejecting problem students from school, which in my view as a professor, is a GOOD thing. Don’t wear the uniform, go home. Bullies and unruly students are a cancer in the classroom and hallways and showing them the door until they can learn how to act like human beings is the best thing an administration can do for those who are there to learn.

    Lastly, remember John Stuart Mill’s dictum: Any policy can seem ludicrous if it’s combined with an assumption of universal idiocy.

  • Eva

    As a student and also a member of Leadership class at Skyline High school, I strongly agree with the comments above that the idea of uniforms should not be enforced. This dress policy has its advantages and disadvantages. If it is actually enforced, students wouldn’t need to worry about what to wear or about fitting in with everyone else. Although I personally don’t really mind wearing them (only if they look good), I still believe that the administration should not make students wear uniforms because the way people dress is the way they express themselves and it also reflects their identity in some way. Thus, making students wear uniforms would strip them of their freedom and individuality. Another advantage is that wearing uniforms would make the school more organized, such that everyone is the same. However, we are not all the same. As mentioned in the above comments already, uniforms would not help deter any acts of violence, stereoptypes, etc. because uniforms or not, people are still going to continue what they are doing. Why not spend the money on something more important such as funding more educational programs or improving the school environment? Uniforms are a waste of money and aren’t necessary!

  • Kirby $egal

    Uniforms wont solve anything! There are many, many problems with Skyline, the least of our worries should be clothes. What would a uniform solve? Nothing. It would just end up making people even angrier and more likely to fight eachother. The clothes that people wear kind of shows you who they are and if everyone had to wear a uniform then it wouldn’t allow everyone to be creative. Then no one could wear their huge, flamboiant BAPE hoodies or a pair of shoes with every color of the rainbow. I dont really care what i wear, but a lot of people spend a lot of time and money of their clothes and they should have the right to dress as they please.

    Also, i really dont think any one would wear a uniform. How could it be enforced? Suspend people for wearing normal clothes? I’d bet that most of the students would ban together and boycott the uniform. Eventually, they would have to change it back. It would be a complete waste of time.

    Lets stop talking about a uniform and start thinking about something that actually matters.

  • Liliana

    Uniforms at Skyline High? I am currently a Junior at Skyline, and when I first heard about this, I thought, “Why did the administration all of a sudden just decide to start thinking about implementing a dress code? Let alone, bring it up.” They had just started the Tardy Policy this school year and they are already proposing another policy? People are bound to protest against all of this. Quite frankly, I was going to protest the tardy policy, because I had a lot of issues with it. If the administration keeps trying to put all these policies on their students, they will be throwing fuel into an already lit fire. Students will not stand for this, and with the right leadership, they have the power to walk out and/or not attend school or their classes. With that happening, the school will lose money, and it will be because the administration is doing too much too quickly. As well, they need to address the students, because it will be us who wear these uniforms, and it would be much smarter to get our opinions on them rather than jumping right into it.

    I don’t mind the idea of uniforms, but I, personally, cannot afford it. This is my Junior year and I am taking three Advanced Placement classes this year. If I intend to take the AP tests in May, that will cost me a great deal of money with or without the waiver. And since next year will be my Senior year, there will be more to pay for, not just AP tests, but a yearbook, Senior Ball, and etc. Even if uniforms were to be worn, students cannot wear that everywhere they go. They cannot possibly wear that out as casual wear or if attending something formal like a wedding. So on top of uniforms, parents or the students, themselves, will have to pay more money for another set of clothes to wear when they aren’t going to school. Financially uniforms are a HUGE waste of money!

    So what is it that the administration think they can accomplish with making students wear uniforms? Higher grades? Less fights? Students have the power to do whatever they want to do with or without uniforms on. It may look more “equalized” but then you force students to hide their uniqueness in their style of clothing. Just because we wear the same thing as the person next to us doesn’t mean that we will feed off of each other’s intelligence and get 4.0’s. Uniforms will not lower the numbers of fights either. Usually fights aren’t even about the clothes, but other things between the two who fights, and that fight just grows because friends join in since they have their “homies” back. Maybe if we had security guards who were around more, fights could be stopped before it gets bigger.
    There is just so much more the administration could be thinking about rather than uniforms. There’s problems with teachers being absent for long periods of time. There are problems with students smoking and doing whatever it is they do in the bathrooms, in crevices or even behind buildings. There’s graffiti everywhere. There is so much the administration could be thinking about but they chose uniforms. Uniforms are pointless now. We are in the 21st century; I can tell you know that students will not be subjugated into wearing uniforms, so give up and move on to the school itself and make that a better place before you start thinking about sticking your students in uniforms again.

  • Bee

    I think that wearing uniforms does not sound like a bad idea to me and maybe to others. I think that this policy could help to certain extent Skyline students. First of all, it will help students be more focused in their school work because many students worry about what thay will wear to school next day. Also, it could help because everyone will be wearing the same uniform and it could avoid problems with gangs when certain members wear a color to identify themselves with that group. In my own experience, I had to wear a uniform when I was in middle school. So I was able to see that wearing uniforms was a good idea because it avoided problems like fights and students making fun of others because of the way they would dress. Also, there was more unity among students because everyone would concentrate more in their school work than of who were the best dressed people or who was in style and who was not. So wearing uniforms to school would really make a difference for all the students attending Skyline.

  • Fabiola Lemus

    I think that wearing uniforms to Skyline does not sound like a bad idea.I think that this new policy could help students to be more focused and concentrated in ther school work than thinking about what they will be wearing the next day. For example,a student told a teacher the reason she did not study for the test was because she went to the mall to pick out something to wear because she didn’t have anything to wear.Also, that she had to go get her nails done to the shop so it could match her outfit.As you can see, all that time could have been used wisely to study and be prepared to get a good grade in that class instead of looking fashionable for the next day and now she is in the border line of failing that class.That is one of the reasons I think unifoms should be used in school.Also, it could help avoid problems with gangs because some people wear a certain color to identify themselves with certain groups and if everyone wears uniforms that could be avoided as well as fights ijn school related to gangs.

    Secondly,in my own experience I had to wear a uniform when I was in middle school as well as everyone.If someone didn’t follow the rule they would be punished or sent home for coming to school without a uniform.I was able to see that many students were more focused and concentrated in their school work and there was more unity and peace. Also, it avoided critics of who was the best dressed or the worst and about who was in style or not, and making fun of peoples style.So I was able to witness the good benefits of wearing uniforms to school.So hopefully, it will give the same results here in Skyline.

  • Mia

    I can’t believe that education has stooped so low that now we care about wardrobe instead of learning? To institute the rule that it is mandatory to wear uniforms really defies the point of school. We should really be focusing on acquiring knowledge and not on what to wear. Though personally I am against wearing uniforms on a daily basis, because of the lack of comfort students will feel, I think that this should not be a topic of conversation at a school meeting. I say let students dress as they wish and look at the bigger problems Skyline is facing.

  • Nicky Vadpey

    Regarding this issue, I hold that the wearing of school uniforms may not necessarily be a bad policy, in that school uniforms represent much more than just uniformity; They represent discipline, and the apparent lack of discipline at Skyline High school – as evident by the gambling, drugs, fights, etc. – may require the need for such policies.
    However, I am split on this issue, and am not totally sure a school policy mandating the wearing of uniforms will fix that. This issue runs deep, and requires more than just a rule; it requires action or, in other words, enforcement. Most school rules are taken lightly by students, as exemplified by the rampant tardies, absences, and the illegal activities mentioned above. If we are to implement a school uniform policy, we need to get our act together and truly create a professional learning environment first.

  • Jennifer Tu

    Like most of my peers who posted on this forum, I truly believe that uniforms at Skyline High is totally unnecessary. The administration might believe that this is a good tactic to make the school as a whole look more “disciplined [in] appearance,” and eventually to help prevent those extreme fights and violence between groups. However, I personally doubt that uniforms can make any difference. As one can see, Skyline is a racially diverse school, thus most students tend to stay in their cliques during passing periods and lunch time. Just because uniforms force students to dress the same way, it doesn’t mean that everyone will start mingling together. On the other hand, the main problem in the school system right now (as said by other commenters) is the need of more counselors and teachers. If our school is under budget, why spend money on uniforms if we can get an extra math teacher. To go along with the budget issue, it is also important to take account of the overall money problem. Ms. Green once said to the leadership class that if the uniform policy does get approved that she will try get every students one free set. Does this mean that the low-income students will only have one set of uniform to wear for the rest of the school year? Though people might think that uniforms can help students focus more on schoolwork than on clothing, some students will be distracted anyway if people start judging them based on their financial background. So to wrap things up, I strongly believe under these points being made, uniform policy should not be enforced upon Skyline High School!

  • Brandon C.

    I think that making kids at Skyline wear uniforms is a bad idea. The clothes i wear everyday represent who i am and make me feel different and special, & if i was made to wear the same thing as everybody else i probably wouldnt come to school because i dont see school as that important anyways, i just like to go to wear whatever new clothes i got & to socialize, so being forced to wear the same thing as everybody would just make me not go. Also, i dont know what the uniforms would do. They wouldnt decrease problems, they would probably just make more of them, and i think the administration people need to focuse their attention on something else besides what we wear everyday.

  • Dilys Yang

    I strongly oppose to the idea of having uniforms. First, i believe that we should have a freedom and right on what we want to wear. Clothes is a way of personal statement and individuality. In middle school, i went to a private school. Wearing uniforms felt like a way to make everyone seem the same. but the truth is we are all different and we shouldn’t be force to dress or act the same. Second, the school should not be wasting pointless money trying to enforce uniforms. Since i am in student leadership, our class was told that money would be spent to provide each student with a set of uniform clothes. But why should we spend the money on getting clothes when bigger problems in our school needs to be solved? Money should be spent on bigger issues in school like reducing violence and drugs, clean and renewing the bathrooms, or repainting over the graffiti that is written all over our school. So i think that uniform should not be enforced on students at Skyline but save the money for a greater good.

  • Della Singleton

    Now come on uniforms at Skyline? Now this is quite frankly bizarre. Who in the world thinks that uniforms have the ability to change the characters of the students whom attend Skyline High School? Yes! Skyline may be one of the better schools in the OUSD but in reality what can uniforms do for people, but if not make them have a professional appearance? I am a 4.00 student, and if I were to dress in a navy blue polo and a pair of khaki pants, what would that outfit do to alter my character? In fact there’s nothing that an outfit could do to alter my actions! I do not know where to begin in stressing the irrationality of this situation. Would any one believe that I am better, just because I wear uniforms now? It doesn’t matter if the people who examine me feel that I live up to certain expectations or not. Wearing uniforms would not change anything in my heart or anything that I attempt to do; it would only impact others who are looking on the outside at me.

    I can not believe that the administration body has the nerve to begin with incorporating uniforms as Skyline’s mandatory dress code. Would it change the performance of the students at Skyline? Get real, change does not come overnight by deciding that ANY school should require their students to wear uniforms; this is an action that is so irrelevant to education and performing better in schools or making the violence rate decrease. What Skyline needs to do is invest its money in making positive and valuable interaction with the students so that they can perform better. Yes, there is a parent center, but who knows that and who is concerned? What Skyline needs is for parents to demonstrate beneficial outreach programs focused towards its students. I remember my late mother, Gwendolyn Singleton, who worked at Skyline. She did outreach to troubled males. I remember one of the students she worked with, he had a very poor GPA and he felt like he had to go to school because he was forced to, she worked with him everyday, and he respected her for that! He trusted my mother and he believed in himself because she believed in him! She learned a lot about him and about his unfortunate past also. In the end my mother became an inspiration to him; not only was she ‘Ms. Singleton’ but my mother became a friend to him also. Because indeed he knew my mother cared for him. This is what Skyline needs, more adults to be involved with the students and that would make a difference in education and the actions students make!!! Not a form of lame uniforms that we wear on our backs, UNIFORMS ARE THE LAST THING THAT SKYLINE NEEDS TO WORRY ABOUT!!!

  • pilar d.

    Prior to attending Skyline, I wore uniform for my first 9 years of school. The only difference between my uniformed classmates and my classmates here at Skyline is a few collared shirts, starch-happy slacks, and plaid skirts. At the schools I attended, most students didn’t have a problem wearing uniforms. But, of course, there were a select few that were purposely defiant to show everyone (especially outsiders looking in) that they weren’t just another clone dressed in all blue. Remembering this, I feel as if students at Skyline would only use this as an opportunity to step up their defiancy. The administration has got to realize that we, as students, aren’t given much freedom, so to enforce a uniform policy would only restrict us from the only form of expression that we have left. One may look at this is as an attempt to have full mind control over us. Im sure a visitor to Skyline would have a field day seeing 2,200 robots shuffling around campus…..but if that’s what the administration IS trying to do, I’m sorry to say…it’s not going to work. Assigned clothing is just going to add to the numerous problems that the school’s already facing.

  • http://www.castrovalleyminutemen.com Steve Kemp

    A dress code is one step closer to what young people need to know as they become adults in the working world. No piercings, baggy or mis-matched clothes should be allowed.

    School is not a circus or freak show, or a place for you to declare that “I just want to be myself”. It’s a place for students to learn everything they can to give them the best possible chance to survive in a highly competitive world. Dress codes are an important part of character building.

    As a business owner, given two equally qualified people, one dressed professionally and the other with nose rings, tattoos, baseball cap, green hair and pants hanging below the waste – guess who gets the position kids?

    Get smart, work hard and and you get the money – that’s how it works – no matter how ‘rebellious’ you think you are. And besides, your parents won’t be around forever to ‘give’ you everything.

    Steve Kemp
    – been there, done that, learned the hard way

  • John

    I just wanted to chime in with my appreciation for Professor Deckin’s comments, here and elsewhere. I hope to read his/her thoughts on other issues featured on this blog.

  • kachun

    Being a skyline student. I don’t really care if the school put uniforms on students or not. I attended school in Hong Kong through 1st to 6th grade. It require us to wear a uniform in order for student to step in school. If you say the purpose of wearing a uniform is to reduces conflict within the school, makes students more focused, or gives the school a more organized. I can tell you, it won’t. Conflict still occur, it have nothing to do with student being more focused and organized. Perhaps if a school change from a non-uniform to a uniform school many student would strongly reject this idea. I would say instead of reducing problem, it will only created another problem if uniform is put on policy.

  • Logan Means

    I find that there is no reason to punish all the pupils at skyline for the actions of few. What really does the OUSD gain through this decision? There is allways going to be rebels. There is allways going to be violence and drug use but through the imposemet of uniforms onto the youngsters at skyline you will increase these actions. You dont use uniforms as “a form of unification” you use uniforms as a means to break spirits to take from the people their uniqueness (look at the jails and correctional facilities) Since i am a junior at the time of writing this and am halfway through the school year with no uniform policy inacting this year i will not hesitate to walk away from this school if there is a policy imposed next year. I am afrid that this is how most others feel also and that all that will be left at the school are thoes that have no other choices and the squares. By this uniform polocy skyline will sufer and it would be a wise decision to leave this polocy in the dust, abandoned, with no posibility of enacting.

  • SCOTT (part 2)

    Being at Skyline High school for three years now, i must say that making the students wear uniforms will not solve anything. Their are way to many other issues that must be solved first before changing what the students wear. If wearing uniforms is enforced, i wouldn’t really mind it but i better not look like an idiot. 😉 Maybe the district will put more effort in our learning envirment rather than the clothing we wear. Honestly though, it wouldn’t be a horrible idea to start wearing uniforms, but probably wouldn’t make a difference to the schools attitude.


  • kevin

    Skyline has many problem to deal with and putting a uniform policy into effect isn’t going to help fix those problems. Many students wouldn’t follow the policy and it would be to hard to punish all of those who didnt follow the rules. I think the policy would cause more problems then it would fix and isn’t worth the effort. Skyline should pay attention to the bigger more important problems first and then they can try to put the uniform into effect. Overall i dont think this policy is a good idea and isn’t worth the extra effort to put it into effect.

  • Kevin Yeung

    I believe that a new uniform policy would be useless at Skyline. I highly doubt it would be strictly enforced and the district should worry about more pressing issues instead. I remember one time at my elementary school they declared that every student had to wear a uniform to school so I was forced to buy one the next day. After a week only around ten students had a school uniform on with me and I felt like a complete moron. Another week later no one was wearing them. Changing the way a person dresses wont help them become more focused or do better in school. They might look smarter and organized but thats the most it can do. A person not getting into a fight just because they have a uniform on is crazy. Overall I think uniforms are a just a big waste of time and money.

  • joseph jones

    having a uniform policy here at skyline will not have no effect at all. i am 100% positive that more than 3/4’s of the students wont were them. i can agree with you that there will still be drugs and violence and i know the school district needs to be fixing alot of problems instead of forcing a uniform policy. this policy will be a waste of money, time, and effort.

  • J.M.Winsey

    I agree that uniforms at skyline high school will not solve problems. masking problems at high schools is a good way to look at the situation.Problems such as crime and violence in high school are becoming every day problems and putting on another outfit or uniform is not going to fix it nor help. Sure it will`make the school look organized but as most proven looks can be deceiving. Who wants to go to a school that appears to be real good on the outside but is a poor disciplined school on the inside? uniforms should be last on peoples mind.There are greater issues at hand like smoking weed in the bathrooms or shooting dice in the hallways. In the end it comes between STYLE or CRIME……wat do you choose???

  • Franklin Dang

    Personally I, as a Skyline student, believe that uniforms would create more problems then it would solve. I agree with Isabel that there are more problems and that uniforms should be the farthest thing from the administration’s mind. Uniforms will break the school into 3 main groups. One, the so called perfectionist, grade-grubbing group. Two, the nonchalant, “who cares,” non dressers. Three, the “I’ll wear it but in my own way,” dressers who will probably be breaking the new implied “dress code.” I would be one of those in the third group, rebel again the uniform by making the uniform my own. Uniforms will also take away from people’s character, their style, and their free will. it like trying to turn are public school into a private school. I think they think that by changing the appearance of the school, they can change the poor test scores and non-graduate rate of this school. If they should do anything, they should take a closer look at the problem of sick teachers that are out for a long time or in the hospital. there are teachers here that are out sick and their classes are falling behind, especially now during finals. Inside informations tells me that a teacher is sick in the hospital, this teacher has repeatedly contacted our principle to help with the class so they don’t fall behind but yet nothing has happened. Whats is the bigger issue here, uniforms or students, even AP students, falling behind in class because of the reckless administrations.

  • Courtni G.

    Uniforms at Skyline is not the way! I am not only a strong beleiver in teens having the freedom to express their own personal style but I feel that clothing should be the last concern on our administrators minds. It will not solve the serious issues we deal with on a daily basis. We must address issues of conflict and crime head on instead of constantly trying to place bandaids on them.

  • luis ACOSTA

    having a uniform policy here at skyline will not have no effect at all in students behavior, I think that it might make things worse by making the students protest. I dont think that uniforms can decrease the amount of drug activity that we have in school. I think that the the administration should be looking for other ways were school problems can be resolved.

  • Zack L.

    Oh, wow… I don’t see uniforms as all that bad. I mean, what could having a uniform actually do? It will guarantee that everyone was wearing the exact same thing and no one person could be different than another. It would just suck to see everyone looking the same way (ahh… good ol’ elementary school). With the uniforms it could show that we Skyliners are nice looking peoples and disciplined as well, seeing as the School has little to no enforcement at all.

    Uniforms won’t do us, as a school, any better than what we have now. Skyline has a very lax attitude towards its policies, almost never enforcing some of them ( i.e. the tardy policy. It worked for a while, but there are still kids running all over the place and it seems that there is no discipline and no consequence for any of these actions). If uniforms are the only thing on our mind right now, we had better get back to the real issues that are apparent at our school. The idea is just a mere distraction from what we as a school should be looking at. This issue is not important at all. Who cares if we get uniforms? It’s not like it’s going to kill anyone.

    If they do decide to implement the uniform idea, so be it. But remember, it is HIGHLY likely that after around 3 days of school (based on the knowledge that I have acquired through the 3 years that I have been at Skyline), people will already be ignoring the policy and reverting back to the clothes that they have now. It would be a complete and utter failure on the School’s part. Seriously. If, at this time, all we can think about is school uniforms, there is really something wrong with our school. Just let us ignorant teenagers do our own thing and not limit us to the uniformity of uniforms. =P

    haha… smoking weed in the bathrooms…(big issue that should be focused on, mind you. It is not to be taken lightly.)…

    Zack L.

  • Jass’mine

    Speaking from a student’s point of view, uniforms are just not a good idea. As a person that likes to express themselves through what I wear, it sets me apart from everyone and I like the feeling of being different. So might say this have some kids feeling bad because they cant fit in, but I say this is real life.

    Having uniforms wont make the grades get higher or the conflicts to stop or any of that. Ive been hearing that for a years and have yet to see facts, actual numbers or statics to back that up. A well know quote say ” If you put makeup on a pig, its still a pig”. Puting uniforms on students, is the same thing.

    I can say now most students wont like this idea because from one skyline is know for fashion. That not a good thing all around but most kidds express themselves through what they wear. And if this is put into action most kids wont do it and thats more than Skyline needs right now because we have enough problems.

  • Darren Nguyen

    I think school uniforms is a EXCELLENT idea for Skyline High School. Props to Ms. Green and the adminstrators, they have really outdone themselves this time. It will solve all the little problems at Skyline, the drugs, violence, tardies, gambling, bad grades, unhealthy food, and all that little stuff that we do not need to worry about. Once we get uniforms, we won’t even need security guards because school uniforms makes everybody study and go to class. Hey and we should even have a long yellow bus pick everyone up from their house every morning, so we make sure everyone goes to school. Having school uniforms should be Skyline’s main priority and nothing else.


  • Jass’mine

    Speaking from a student’s point of view, uniforms are just not a good idea. As a person that likes to express themselves through what I wear, it sets me apart from everyone and I like the feeling of being different. So might say this have some kids feeling bad because they cant fit in, but I say this is real life.

    Having uniforms wont make the grades get higher or the conflicts to stop or any of that. Ive been hearing that for a years and have yet to see facts, actual numbers or statics to back that up. A well know quote say ” If you put makeup on a pig, its still a pig”. Puting uniforms on students, is the same thing.

    I can say now most students wont like this idea because from one skyline is know for fashion. That not a good thing all around but most kids express themselves through what they wear. And if this is put into action most kids wont do it and thats more than Skyline needs right now because we have enough problems.

  • Ahsha

    In my opinion I can’t imagine the policy of uniforms actually being enforced into Skyline High School. The idea of uniforms was very surprising to me because of all the chaos that is going on at school. There are so many other complications to worry about and the staff should be focusing on that right now.
    Personally, I am against uniforms because I believe your clothes that you wear on a daily basis expresses your individuality. As Ms. Green said herself, “You clothes is an expression of yourself and don’t sell yourself short”(Winterball pamphlet).

  • Adrianna P.

    Personally, i am against the uniform policy. The policy would cause a good amount of money when we could be using that money for materials we need more. the uniform policy would also make the students pay for there own uniform. Which is very inconvenient.
    the uniforms would also take away our individuality.We would not be able to express our feeling and style through what we wear, but actually have to suppress it and have to wear the same bland uniform as everyone else.The uniform policy should not be enforced.

  • Mariela U.

    I don’t think uniforms are the solution to the problems at skyline. if uniforms are created to stop issue such as violence, racism or any other problems students face it is not the answer.Yes uniforms may appear to be more affordable. But i believe that the reason for uniforms has nothing to do with it being affordable to students. Uniforms shouldn’t be use as the solution to problems skyline high faces. Uniforms are a way of dressing everyone the same and creating a appearance that everyone is the same. But in reality everyone is not the same and the idea that everything will be better, because the uniforms will be enforced is an illusion. There for, i disagree with the uniform idea.

  • jasyjay91

    i agree that the uniforms would be something worth considering for skyline. i would no longer have to worry about what to wear in the morning. there would alos be no mocking of other people because of the chlothes they wear becasue everyone would be wearing the same thing. as far as im concerned, as long as i can keep my individuality along with wearing the uniform, im fine with the idea. i do think that if we were to get uniforms at skyline, students should have a say in what we wear. i do not want to walk around in some clothes adults think would look cute. thats a no no.

  • imani baines jr

    The uniform policy at Skyline High School is something that I see as a not-so-essential thing. Skyline is already a very strict school without a Uniform or dress code already. this uniform policy is a waste of time, it has no meaning, and it is not needed.