A short-term fix likely for Peralta

Peralta Elementary School might have room for two kindergarten classes this fall, after all.

Troy Flint, the Oakland school district’s spokesman, tells me the district is trying to get another portable classroom for the Rockridge-area school. If that happens, he said, “no neighborhood residents will be displaced.”

Parent-leaders at the school have pressured the district to come up with a solution to the space crunch after learning last week that there would be room for just one class of 27 kindergarteners. 

In addition to some 30 neighborhood children, about 12 younger siblings of current students who live out of the neighborhood to enroll, according to a survey conducted by the school’s parent-teacher group. 

It sounds like the extra classroom would accommodate those kids, although the high-performing school will have very little space for new families who live outside the attendance boundaries.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Hills Neighborhood Mom

    That would be a great option for those in the Peralta district, who have worked hard to create a desirable learning environment. No school in Oakland should turn away legitimate neighborhood residents.

    However, if a school is consitently under pressure from the neighborhood (e.g. Hillcrest), boundaries need to be altered.

  • hills parent

    I agree with Hills Neighborhood mom that the district needs to be proactive about looking at the boundaries, rather than use a “band-aid” approach.