No pink slips for permanent Oakland teachers

There isn’t much good you can say about a 14 percent teacher turnover rate. But when it comes to state budget cuts, Oakland Unified’s revolving door may not be all bad — at least for those who stay.

thebobs.jpgThe district announced this afternoon that Oakland’s permanent teachers, counselors and librarians — and, for the most part, new, untenured teachers — won’t be receiving pink slips as part of the plan to cut $23 million from the 2008-09 budget.

(About 47 first- and second-year teachers might lose their jobs, slightly less than last year. District spokesman Troy Flint says those layoffs are not directly related to budget cuts.)

There were surely many factors in the decision to spare the permanent classroom teachers the uncertainty of the March 15 slips. But the likelihood that some 300 teachers will bolt at the end of the year certainly made it easer for the district to take a more light-handed approach to the Schwarzenegger-imposed down-sizing (although we still don’t know how many positions need to be eliminated).

Of course, if the $4-plus billion in education program cuts come to pass, I imagine there will be a few `minor’ staffing adjustments in the fall.

Addendum: Juliana Jones, a teacher at Montera Middle School, brought this report to my attention. It’s from the Center for Teaching and Learning, about the effects of pink-slipping.

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Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Sue

    Twice, one of my sons’ teachers was pink-slipped. Each of the two teachers had done a good, or even great job with whichever of my kids they had taught.

    My husband and I both tend to get attached to our kids’s teachers, so we were both pretty hurt and disappointed both times it happened. I can only try to imagine how those teachers felt. And both times the teachers were hired at another school in the district.

    Not sending out pink slips to good teachers who are going to get rehired anyway – good plan! A lot less turmoil for everyone, teachers, students and parents.

    Look, a small sign of progress in the district.

    Hey, OUSD administration, this is one parent saying, “good decision.”

    Please, give me more reasons to say that.

  • Jesse Dutton-Kenny

    Not that it is incredibly relevant but Ms. Jones was my 7th grade Algebra teachers at Montera and is still one teachers who made the biggest impression on me. I’m glad she hasn’t stopped teaching.