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She wasn’t born an auditor. 

Roberta Mayor’s path to the Oakland school district superintendency began back in the 1960s, when she was an English major at the University of Hawaii.

Curious about her career and credentials? Check out her resume, here.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • John

    Doctor Mayor’s resume suggests a strong connection with Hawaii, a great place to retreat after doing time in Oakland. I’m impressed with her trouble shooting history in troubled districts on the state’s s#%t list. This doctor could be just what the doctor ordered.

    The 2000 census ranks Hawaii 44th in number of Spanish speakers. Perhaps this was an issue for Noel Gallo? If she’s not fluent in Spanish or Ebonics it could be a problem for her. We already know she’s NOT “bi-cultural” in the local scheme of things. Hawaii’s demographic is radically different from Oakland’s, a background likely appreciated by the locals who appreciate & celebrate diversity! Let’s hope this Mayor realizes success in Oakland!

  • Alexa

    This is so sleazy. The three who voted against I hope did so because of how unethical the whole process was. No public notice or hearing or opportunity to comment. Those who voted for are sleeping with the enemy. It doesn’t matter how much Mayor may have been critical of OUSD. The same incompetent and uncaring elitist administrators will stay in power but now with the stamp of approval from a clearly impotent School Board.

  • hills parent

    Alexa: I agree and have been saying this for the past year. This decision is a slap in the face to parents, teachers, and administrators. Maybe those board members who voted for this need to be recalled, before they can do more harm!!!!

  • Nextset

    I couldn’t open the resume file. I’ve read the above comments and I certainly see no reason why we should care if the Dr. speaks Spanish or Ebonics. We certainly don’t need a super to be bi-cultural. there is only one culture here and that is American. The Super is an education major and an “educator” which I sure don’t hold against her because that is typical for this position.

    There is no reason such a hiring should have been publicly discussed or publicly vetted. This is why you have a board. Personnel decisions are not made or discussed in public.

    If she has a history with turnaround attempts on other failed school districts she is probably the sort of candidate you need for the disgraced Oakland Unified School District. Perhaps through her efforts the School District will mend enough fences to be allowed to run it’s schools once more.

    But things can’t be allowed to go back to the way they were at the time of the state takeover of the failed district. If she has to crack some heads together (so to speak) to get things working well, she has my blessing.

    Good Luck to her. I suspect she will need it. I wish her the very best. No matter what I ever said about “educators”.

  • TheTruthHurts

    Position Available:

    Duration – Temporary, up to one year.
    Control – You control everything (except of course academics and the money).
    Resources – $23 million deficit, $100 debt
    Context – Teacher contract negotiations, State administrator in control of academics and financing, abysmal reputation despite recent gains, everyone looking for a scapegoat instead of rolling up sleeves to help, Board election year.

    Hurry and apply, this one will go fast!!!

    Frankly, given her history with the District, she knows where many of the challenges lie and has seen enough districts to craft solutions. No one but Jesus himself could be a miracle worker in Oakland, but we should give this doctor a chance with our sick but hopeful patient.

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