The votes are in…

I didn’t make it to tonight’s special meeting of the school board, but OUSD spokesman Troy Flint was kind enough to keep me posted on the decisions as they came in.

The board voted to

  • Wait on the Life Academy decision (to move the small high school, at least temporarily, to the old Carter Middle School campus) until there has been a further review of other options.
  • Reject an arrangement that would give the BayTech charter school access to classrooms at Westlake Middle School and McClymonds High School. Staff have until April 21 to come up with another way to accommodate BayTech’s expansion, unless BayTech agrees to a May 1 extension.

And the state administrator, Vincent Matthews, did go with his staff’s recommendation not to allow the Peacemaker Leadership Academy charter to open in Oakland.

Thoughts? Predictions? Observations (from those in attendance)?

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • tom

    relieved that students at westlake and mcclymonds won’t have to deal with baytech co-opting their campuses. what happened at the meeting that led to the rejection? are other schools now going to be subject to baytech’s expansion?

  • district employee

    considering the number of baytech students who were kicked out of their program and are now enrolled in other West Oakland OUSD schools (after BayTech has successfully received funding from the state for these students), i hope their expansion is thwarted.

  • Katy Murphy

    Tom: Since I didn’t hear the discussion, I can’t say for sure what led to the rejection. I know that it was not a unanimous vote. As I understand it, the board members who voted against the motion said they felt the education of students at McClymonds and Westlake would be compromised by the proposal, and so they took the stance they did, despite the district’s obligations, under SB 39, to provide facilities to the charter school.

    Misha Karigaca, principal of Westlake, spoke at the meeting, as well as a representative of BayTech.