On the agenda: May 14

On Wednesday, the fateful day on which the governor’s May revise is released, the Oakland school board holds its regular meeting. Check out the agenda, if you’d like.

The state administrator votes on recommendations for Measure E parcel tax funding, and the board could vote to ratify the contract for interim superintendent Roberta Mayor, which includes a salary of $250,000 plus six weeks of vacation and other perks. (Read the full contract here.)

Also, the board decides whether to add another portable on Peralta’s Elementary School campus to alleviate a space shortage, which has been the cause of much drama in the last few weeks. Here is the resolution.

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • disgusted teacher

    I am outraged that the board raced to hire an interim superintendent for $250,000 at the same time they are asking OEA to take a pay cut in our next contract currently being negotiated. I am a teacher with a masters degree, earning less than $45,000 a year. I can not afford to get my daughter (an Oakland student)the braces she needs for her teeth because our dental insurance only covers $500 and they will cost over $5000.

    Teachers are again working without a contract in Oakland and the district continues to pour money into administration. I thought my commitment to Oakland’s children would be forever, but this feels like the ultimate slap in my face. I will never take another pay cut from this district. We are already being paid less than other school districts for working in more difficult jobs. Parents need to get ready for massive defection of teachers to other districts along with a lengthy strike next year. OUSD doesn’t care; they will just replace us with even lower paid interns. Teachers are disposable in Oakland and OUSD is happy to consider us replaceable and a migrant labor force.

  • SOUL 08

    Disgusted Teacher-
    I have been working for OUSD for ten years. I have been a teacher the entire time. We were guaranteed money for the cut backs five years ago in Oakland. We have not received them. If you commit yourself to working in Oakland, you have to know …
    The kids are the coolest, the neediest and the wanting most. You also have to acknowledge that the Union is s*** and the pay sucks. So deal with it or change school districts.

  • cranky teacher

    SOUL 08

    “Deal with it or change school districts.”??

    I guess Disgusted Teacher can add obnoxious tougher-than-thou colleagues to the list…

    Suck it up!!!