On the agenda: financial updates, “beepers” and jogging suits

joggingsuit1.jpgAt Wednesday’s meeting, the Oakland school board hears an update on how the governor’s latest budget proposal (more specifically, its cuts) will affect the local budget. They’ll be filled in on the latest OUSD financials, too.

Also, staff almost completely re-wrote the student “dress and grooming” policy, which was last updated in August of 2004. The document is much more neutral and professional-sounding now, but not nearly as interesting to read.

One item that was axed: “Undergarments shall not be used as outer wear. Students may not wear smooth fabric jogging suits, which are a leading symbol worn by gang members and drug dealers.”

Here is the full agenda.

image from tigerfoods Web site at flickr.com/creativecommons

Katy Murphy

Education reporter for the Oakland Tribune. Contact me at kmurphy@bayareanewsgroup.com.

  • Nextset

    School uniforms and uniform dress would be a great safety factor for the development of the kids in OUSD, especially the Prole children. OUSD has no intention of doing so, I submit, because they really don’t give a fig for the kids. They are mainly into full employment and empire building come what may for the products of their schools. Even the references to school uniforms contains a provision that the parents can opt out of uniforms on their kid. (IE no unforms)

    They don’t care, they don’t get it, nothing will ever change as long as these people are given “schools” to run.

    Decent parents will get their kids out of these nuthouses if they have to leave the state of CA to do it.

  • peter

    California Ed. Code is very specific as to the legality of dress codes in public schools, and unfortunately makes it more or less impossible to enforce. However, there are a number of Oakland Public Schools that have made it happen very successfully, due to strong leadership and supportive parents (most parents love uniforms, just hate hearing their kids complain about it).
    Whatever the case, however, this has very little to do with OUSD, no matter how much it may fit into our negative paradigms.
    And as far as schools our schools being nut-houses unfit for children, that is a gross exaggeration and denigration of the abilities and hard work of the parents, teachers, and children that compose these schools. Decent parents will continue to what ever they see fit for their children, and Oakland public schools will continue to produce some of the greatest authors, musicians, athletes, and leaders in the country… no matter what negative thinkers unwilling to help may say.

  • http://AT&TYahoo Carolyn Holloway

    Hi Katy,

    Have you inquired or received the information I asked you to look into last week regarding the list of principals being reassigned, retiring, terminated, leaving the school site or department where they are currently working now for next school year 2008-2009?

  • Katy Murphy

    If I remember correctly, I said that I planned to have the information compiled within a couple of weeks. I haven’t missed my deadline yet… At least, that particular one.

    Not sure how much detail I’ll be able to provide for each departure, but I’ll do my best.