Summer – Take Classes or Relax?

Bryant Phan, a new student blogger, is finishing his ninth-grade year at MetWest High School. – Katy

eoak0515blogger01.jpgSchool is coming to an end next week for a lot of us. This leads to my problem – Should I take the time off to relax or take summer classes to get extra credit?

Take Classes
I am an overachiever, or at least I claim to be. I usually never do anything over the summer and I think summer classes/college courses will definitely keep me from being bored. Taking college courses will prepare me for the upcoming year and I will be ahead of a lot of people when I go to college. A lot of High Schools also give a year of credit for a semester of college courses and if I take the right classes, there is a possibility of skipping a grade.

This year, I qualified for the Youth Speaks’ Bay Area slam team and will be going to Washington D.C. in July. If I take classes, I will be missing the last couple of weeks and possibly my finals. In reality, I will not be relaxing much because most of my time will be dedicated to writing new poems with my teammates and meeting with them.

There’s also a Spoken Word class I can take at Cal State and get 3 units of college credit. The class ends 2 days before I catch my flight to D.C. My only problem with this class is the time the class will be meeting. The website doesn’t say anything about the time the class meets and I don’t want that to interfere with my meetings with my teammates.

I am still left with a dilemma. If you have any suggestions for me, please do so.


  • Nextset

    Travel if at all possible. Visit relatives on the other side of the country. Consider summer school or a seminar at a college elsewhere, some programs allow the visiting student to stay in the dorms. Try to plan something for the summer that gives you experience that the typical student such as yourself does not have.

  • Sue

    If you can get in a summer class, do it. I won’t repeat what I just posted on Isabel’s latest blog entry, but please take a moment to go read it. It definitely applies to your situation as well as hers.

  • Debora

    My 8 year old daughter will have a little of both. She is returning to UC Berkeley’s ATDP program, taking a course in the rainforest. It’s the one time a year that the class flows on with activity, engagement, high expectations and accountability to be there on time, every day, engaged.

    The advantage of the summer is the ability to delve deep into one subject.

    Classes are only half day – then comes playing outside, building forts, developing a pulley system to drag things from house to tree house and back again with the neighborhood friends.

    And, we will be going the impressionist women artists exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco and the Frida Kahlo exhibit at SFMOMA this summer.

    But the most fun of all will be taking a family vacation by the sea – hanging out and playing board games, looking at the tide pools, riding our bikes and getting reconnected in that relaxing, wondering kind of way.

    For my daughter, at age 8, more learning is done over the summer than during the school year.

  • Diamond Broussard

    I see that you are still early in your high school career. There a two more years, actually three in which you can earn extra summer credits for college. You should take the Spoken Word class and go on the trip. Otherwise, you’ll always regret it and have the “What if” question floating in your head. Also, colleges may be interested in hearing about the great opportunity you had by being allowed to go to D.C. and inspire youth with your words.

    Good luck! Z hope that everything works out well, and I’d love to hear some of your spoken word as a peer poet and co-ibabuzz contributor.